1. @KaraDS106

    Remix #2


    For my second remix I went back to an assignment we did in the beginning in the writing assignments: A Snapshot of a Story. When remixed, this was the new assignment:

    I created a new Haiku about how useless & meaningless Haiku’s are and made it way over the …

  2. @KaraDS106

    Remix #1


    I remixed the Logo Switch Up assignment first, since I did this assignment this week. See my remix assignment here:

    I used the link to go see Pollock’s paintings & decided to use this one as a background for my already created logo switch up:

    After using canva to put …

  3. @KaraDS106



    I wrapped up my assignments with the Twittr assignment for 2.5 stars. I tried to think of an unusual mix, and came up with SoundBook. This is a mix of Soundcloud and Facebook. It is essentially soundcloud with more of a social spin. Users can create statuses and upload pictures/videos …

  4. @KaraDS106

    Have a Merry Spooky Valentine’s Day!


    I had way too much fun with this one. I chose the Holiday Mashup assignment for 4.5 stars and LOVED it! Christmas is by far my favorite, followed by Halloween and then Valentine’s Day. I made Christmas the main theme and Halloween & Valentine’s Day smaller. Canva makes everything easier. …

  5. @KaraDS106

    Logo Switch Up Tutorial


    I figured since there was no tutorial here & I just completed this assignment I’d show everyone how I did it. First, I brainstormed ideas. I searched “current ads” and scrolled threw a few. I decided that I’d do spotify and nike since I only use spotify when I’m working …

  6. @KaraDS106

    Logo Switch Up


    My first assignment this week was one of the recommended ones: Logo Switch Up for 2 stars. It was a nice way to ease into this week’s work. I used google to find a spotify ad and a nike ad, and then put them into Canva to overlap them. The …

  7. @KaraDS106

    Weekly Summary 11


    Slowly but surely we’re getting through this semester! One week at a time! I’ve bundled my stars & daily creates into blog posts so I’ll just post them below so that you can see explanations & all that good stuff. Be sure to read all the way to the bottom …

  8. @KaraDS106

    Week 11 Stars


    This week my huge capstone paper was due Thursday so I put all of this off until Friday.. 0/10 do not recommend. I’m exhausted. Anyways, I chose 3 really cool assignments and kind of ran with them! I chose to incorporate my capstone into these stars by creating the Tell

  9. @KaraDS106



    I decided to put all of my stars into one post because they’re all hyperlinked to other videos/uploads! This week was INCREDIBLY hard. I spent about 12 hours on assignments this week and thought about withdrawing about 4 times. It sucked. But I prevailed and am now terrified of the …

  10. @KaraDS106

    Video Essay


    What a hot mess. This took me about 4 hours and it’s terrible. I struggled to download from youtube, then struggled to work iMovie, then struggled to record audio in iMovie and ended up using audacity & importing my audio. WHAT A MESS. I’m still not sure that I even …

  11. @KaraDS106

    Weekly Summary (Week 9)


    This week was a bit overwhelming. There was a lot to do & a lot going on. I started off with my 10 stars worth of work. Guess the Story was recommended, so I did that one first. My story was Rapunzel! I just googled different things that reminded me …

  12. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show!


    This week I worked Monday and Wednesday, so I did not get a chance to listen to the other groups’ radio shows. Since my group’s segment broadcasted on Tuesday that is all that I got to listen to. However, since we all worked separately & then Zae pieced our segment …

  13. @KaraDS106

    Web Storytelling


    While extremely time consuming, my sarcastic (and slightly rude) self loved this assignment. I took my canvas dashboard and changed a ton of stuff. Since you guys can’t see my canvas page without my login (which there’s no way I’m giving a whole class) I took screenshots so you can …

  14. @KaraDS106

    Create Your Own Room


    I LOVED this assignment. It’s been years since I really got into pinterest, but this was so much fun! I’ve always envisioned a huge, open master suite with lots of white and light grey… Light & airy. Tons of windows with natural light & a bay window. I also wanted …

  15. @KaraDS106

    Google Draw Something


    I completed the Google Draw Something assignment & got really frustrated with the computer and television ones… I felt like I did a decent job but it couldn’t guess them! See mine below:

  16. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show: Week 2


    This week we had to complete our radio show segment that we started last week. I started the week by planning what I wanted to do. I brainstormed different examples of “current events” and thought about how I could tie my character into them. I ended up coming up with …

  17. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show Bumper Sticker


    I went pretty basic with this promo. I wanted something that looked classic & timeless, so I went with basic word art. I’m sure someone else in my group will be better with design, but here is my attempt!! I changed the color, outline, and added shadows to give it …

  18. @KaraDS106

    Radio Show Check-In


    Week 1!! Thank God Zae pulled me into his group because I didn’t check social media all weekend (sometimes you just need to disconnect, you know?) and I came back to three emails telling me to get in a group. Yikes!! Anyways, we’ve came up with some cool ideas and …

  19. @KaraDS106

    Bumper for DS106 News


    My group will be reporting news stories that are relevant to our characters’ lives. I used this Create a DS106 Radio For my bumper I specified that this was the news segment and told our listeners to stay tuned for current events & the weather. I layered a bit of …

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