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  1. @haylie5800

    Uncle Bob Remix

    To start my remix assignments I started going through my favorite past assignments and clicking the remix button to see what it would do. For this one, I chose one of my very first DS106 assignments, We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch and remixed it with Uncle Bob. First I searched through all my posts …
  2. @haylie5800

    Daily Creates

    I completed 2 daily creates this week! The inspirational quote that I picked I actually really liked and feel like it really fit for me. The idea that I (we) grow through the tough stuff or the dirt and make or become something beautiful like a flower. The color palette was really really simple, yet …
  3. @haylie5800

    Planning Ahead

    I really enjoyed making the radio show and I feel like it was super practical. I really enjoy working with other as a way to bounce ideas off of one another. For my final project I could see myself doing something along the lines of college readiness or even something about college memories or life …
  4. @haylie5800

    Daily Creates 9

    #tdc3567 #ds106 I can totally see it… can you??— Haylie58 (@Haylie5800) October 19, 2021 #tdc3569 #ds106 I felt like a good Bob Ross poem was appropriate!— Haylie58 (@Haylie...
  5. @haylie5800

    Radio Extras

    I decided to carry last weeks theme into this assignment. I created a logo and a sticker for our radio show. I used Canva for templates and then switched around colors and fonts. I really enjoy making stickers and logos even though these want realistically go anywhere.

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