1. @haylie5800

    All Four Years of College


    The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in my 4 years of college.” In order to tell this story I will include multiple varieties of assignments that we learned throughout DS106. I have included some …

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    Last one… almost


    I had a rough outline for what I wanted my project to look like and include from previous weeks, but this week I changed my mind completely. The story I what to tell the world is “Some of the greatest lessons I have learned and memories I’ve made were in …

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    One week closer to the finish line


    I started off this week just like every other week… a to-do list. I picked my mashup assignments for this week and I was really eager to complete them. Once I figured out my Mashup’s, I looked through my past assignments to choose my remixes.

    My first mashup assignment was …

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    I’m ready for my close up…


    These was really funny to create because I ended up going down a rabbit hole of celebrity memes. This assignment was to pick a celebrity close up and then add it to the background of a unrelated feelings. To get things started I google “celebrity close up funny” and I …

  5. @haylie5800

    Mood swing


    For my second remix I did a remix on my Emoji IRL assignment. The task of the remix was to flip the mood of the previous time, so I did a emoji story of me being scared by a clown. The first time I did this I used a childhood …

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    Uhhh, is this the right movie??


    I chose this mashup assignment because I though tit was kinda funny. I had to pick an upcoming movie and then make a movie cover that is in a way the opposite. To start I looked up movies that were coming out in 2022 and then chose SCREAM. I have …

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    Uncle Bob Remix


    To start my remix assignments I started going through my favorite past assignments and clicking the remix button to see what it would do. For this one, I chose one of my very first DS106 assignments, We’re the Real Life Brady Bunch and remixed it with Uncle Bob.

    First I …

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    Week 12 Daily Creates


    This week I completed 3 daily creates. All of my posts didn’t really go together but they were creative and I liked them. For the speech bubble post I thought “get out” was a perfect fit. The strawberry lemonade cocktail looked and sounded too good not to post. My Dunkin …

  9. @haylie5800

    Final thoughts for final project


    I think I have made up my mind about what I want to do for my final project. I am going to create a travel itinerary that includes a vlog like video of the “trip”, menus of restaurants, a playlist to listen to while I’m on the plane or in …

  10. @haylie5800

    Just trying to tell a story


    This week I am completing another 10 stars worth of video assignments. I am trying to be more intentional with my story behind the videos as a way to enhance my video skills. I used iMovie all week to produce all three of my videos. I started planning out what …

  11. @haylie5800

    Thats a wrap… part 10!


    I can’t lie, when I looked at the weekly assignments for week 10 I felt a little overwhelmed but once I started working I was good to go. I felt like I learned a lot this week about how to “read movies” and see videos through a different lens.

    I …

  12. @haylie5800

    Daily Creates


    I completed 2 daily creates this week! The inspirational quote that I picked I actually really liked and feel like it really fit for me. The idea that I (we) grow through the tough stuff or the dirt and make or become something beautiful like a flower. The color palette …

  13. @haylie5800

    Anddd…. Action!


    This week I chose to do choice 2 which means 10 stars worth of video assignments.

    Get Ready With Me was fun to create, but also a task I ad to think about. In the morning I just do my routine most of the time half awake so I had …

  14. @haylie5800

    Reading A Movie


    When I think about reading movies I think about reading the subtitles, but after reading the article and watching the videos I am thinking differently. The article How to Read a Movie pointed to the fact that you do not have to be an editor in order to visualize these …

  15. @haylie5800

    Project Expansion Ideas


    The Final Countdown: I really liked Grace’s ideas for her final project so I have a few ideas for her! With regards to the first idea- college advice I think you could totally run with it. You could list out advice and create a flyer or even a little booklet. …

  16. @haylie5800

    Planning Ahead


    I really enjoyed making the radio show and I feel like it was super practical. I really enjoy working with other as a way to bounce ideas off of one another. For my final project I could see myself doing something along the lines of college readiness or even something …

  17. @haylie5800

    Weekly Summary #9


    This week started with listening to our class radio show. I think listening to the radio show and commenting on discord throughout the show brings a different feel to the experience. I really liked all of our comments on discord on Monday because people pointed out aspects I didn’t notice. …

  18. @haylie5800

    Still My Happy Place


    When I think of a place that I am happiest and at complete ease I immediately think of water. The sight and sound of water is comforting and relaxing to me. When I sit by the water whether that be an ocean, lake, or river I feel the same sense …

  19. @haylie5800

    Some more sunshine


    I chose to redo one of my assignments from the beginning of the semester. This assignment was to think of an emotion and pick 3 songs that expressed that emotion and explain why. When I first completed this assignment I made a playlist of 3 songs (Happy, Shake It Off, …

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    Listening Reflection


    I listened to the radio show on Monday night that aired How to Survive: Advice From the Five and The Tea on Social Media. The first show was my groups and it was really weird listening to myself talk. I know I am not alone in this feeling but it …

  21. @haylie5800

    Week 8 summary


    This week we pieced together all of our segments to complete our radio show. We all recorded them on our own then we sent them to Grace and she edited them and added them together. We used our commercials and bumpers from last week to incorporate into our show. We …

  22. @haylie5800

    Week 8 was great!!


    This week we put all of our segments together to create our radio show. The first segments was from Kylie talking about meal plans and getting involved, then Grace talks about laundry and on-campus jobs, Meredith gives some insight on time management and provides dorm safe recipes, then I (Haylie) …

  23. @haylie5800

    Week 7 Summary


    I was super productive this week! I began with creating my group and then brainstorming ideas for our radio show. I recored and commercial and bumper for our show The Core. Making both of these was really fun! I met with my group and we made our radio show intro …

  24. @haylie5800

    Radio Extras


    I decided to carry last weeks theme into this assignment. I created a logo and a sticker for our radio show. I used Canva for templates and then switched around colors and fonts. I really enjoy making stickers and logos even though these want realistically go anywhere.

    I went simple…
  25. @haylie5800

    How to Survive: Advice From the Five


    My group got started working right away. We all agreed on the topic “Freshman advice” because we think we can give a lot of good insight while making it enjoyable. We created a group chat to start brainstorming ideas and figuring out when we wanted to meet up. This week …

  26. @haylie5800

    The Core Bumper


    I chose to create a bumper that promoted our radio show. I went plain and simple with this one. I added some back ground music to layer on top of my voice. I had to record this a few times because I kept messing up on my words, but I …

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