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  1. @sincerelysterls

    86,400 Seconds In A Day

    ‘Ello folk! This is Sterling. Hope you’re doing well. I’m sure you’ve heard of an app called 1SE, or ‘One Second Everyday’ where you record one second everyday. My friends have been doing it and they hooked me in November 2019. I’ve been doing my best to keep up with it, though there are certainly … Continue reading "86,400 Seconds In A Day"
  2. @ds106_mckayla

    Favorite Moments in a video.

    For this video assignment I had to create a video using some of my favorite pictures/videos that I have taken while in school this year! The original link to the assignment is here and it is worth 2 stars. As you can see or watch, the pictures chosen are not from school, instead, they are from places that I have been during this school year, Beaufort, NC and some cute pictures of my pets. I used iMovie to create this video and it was my first time ever using iMovie. This video was a struggle for me at first, but

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