1. @biggs_hank

    New and Improved Farm House Noises


    This week we were told to go back and find a 3, 4, or 5 star assignment and revise it and make it better. I decided to use my previous assignment, Farm House Noises. When I first created this assignment a few weeks back I just added each sound together …

  2. @biggs_hank

    Week Eight Summary


    This week we basically just had to finish our radio show projects, with two daily creates throughout the week. The radio show project was a fun experience. I’m not very good with audio stuff but with this project I learned a lot more about how everything works and how to …

  3. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Progress Week 2


    This week we wrote up our skits for how we were going to have our radio show play out. The next step was to record it using audacity and then add in sound effects where necessary. It was a fun experience being able to create something that is our own …

  4. @biggs_hank

    Week Seven Summary


    This week was the week we picked our groups for the radio show project. During this week we were to figure out what the name of our radio show was going to be and what what the radio show was going to be about. We decided to create a spy …

  5. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Design Project


    This post is to show how we are going to advertise our radio show. I have created a poster, which is just the first go at the poster. The poster can definitely improve with help from other group members, but here is just a start. There isn’t anything special about …

  6. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Progress


    This week we formed our groups for our Radio Show project. We were in charge of forming our own groups. Benjamin Fox reached out to me and another classmate to form a group and we went from there. Next, we had to come up with a theme for our radio …

  7. @biggs_hank

    Farm House Noises


    Create a Place (4 stars)

    For this assignment it said to create a place by just using sounds. So what my process consisted of was first, going on to freesounds.org to search for sounds to try and create a place out of them. As I was searching through the first …

  8. @biggs_hank

    Daily Create 2/27


    I think there is a yes and no answer to this question. Yes, because it allows us to stay in contact with others no matter where we are or what time it is. And then for no, it's because if we rely on technology we won't be able to develop …

  9. @biggs_hank

    Week Six Summary


    This week we worked with designing things. Design is a big part of our lives. As I stated in my reflections post, design is in everything. There for everything we buy is based on design for the most part. Design is problem solving, because it is a mind factor. You …

  10. @biggs_hank

    Up Close and Personal with Route 66


    Destination Post Card (3 Stars)

    For this assignment I had to create my own destination postcard. I had to chose a picture and then add text to the picture. So my way I went about this was by choosing the best possible picture. The picture I chose was one that …

  11. @biggs_hank

    The Marksman: A Movie Title


    Generate Cool Letters (3 Stars)

    For this assignment it asked, “Can you write your name in a unique way?” So for this assignment I decided to bring in my secret agent character and use his nickname (The Marksman) to create a cool movie title design. I used coolletters.net to create …

  12. @biggs_hank

    Q’s of the Week/Reflection


    What makes a poster look like a poster is the size of the poster, the creativity of the poster (eye popping), is its own unique style, text is visible from a far, variances in text sizes, and the layout of the poster. What makes a book cover look like a …

  13. @biggs_hank

    Week Five Summary


    This week we worked with audio. Sound plays an important part within storytelling. Some times if a story was being told by just sounds you could still be able to figure out basically what’s going on. Because when we hear a specific sound we usually associate it with something and …

  14. @biggs_hank

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    Talk about:

    Some ideas for the radio show that tie back into our theme for this semester are the latest secret agent mission(s), secret agents in training, secret agent news around the world, plans that agencies are looking into using against supreme leaders, and how well agencies/agents are doing in …

  15. @biggs_hank

    Daily Create 2/14


    #tdc2591 #ds106 What I would put on my social media would probably be something like, "Have so much fun at the amusement park, all of these rides are so much fun" everyone I know knows that I hate roller coasters so they would probably think something is off.

    — Hank …

  16. @biggs_hank

    Week Four Summary


    This week there were a lot of good assignments that we did. I really enjoyed all of the assignment banks that I decided to do. I decided to get my character in on the action in this weeks assignments. Which is always fun when you get to start to add …

  17. @biggs_hank

    Larry and Mary Take on the Majors


    Create a Silly Movie Poster (3 1/2 stars)

    For this assignment i was instructed to use an existing movie poster and make it look funny. So when I decided to choose a baseball movie poster, I then decided to look up animals doing something with baseball which is where I …

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