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    Week 3


    Happy Friday everybody!

    This week I completed digital create prompts on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday on Twitter. I read a little more about the hyperlink and how revolutionary Bandersnatch was, it took me a little bit to really grasp the concept of the hypertext but I think I …

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    Story Analysis: Stranger Things



    After watching and reading some more about the hyperlink, digital storytelling, and storytelling in general. I decided to analyze the Stranger Things series on Netflix, season 3. I analyzed the way the show fits in the theme and how the story works along with how the show relates to the …

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    A Day in The Life…


    “What took you so long? I was worried sick!” Eleanor exclaimed.

    “Mother, you would not believe the day I had,” Hetta whined as she walked in dripping wet and shivering.

    “What happened to you?” Eleanor ran to Hetta, “you smell like caramel” she said with a confused look.

    “One of …

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    Mamma Mia Let Me Go …

    From left to right: John Deacon, Freddie Mercury, Roger Taylor, Brian May

    I decided to incorporate our theme again and find a song from the 80’s that makes me emotional. It was not long before I realized the song that always makes me feel so many emotions at once is …

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    Our TV Past: Extras Edition


    I decided to study the extras in a popular 80’s tv show for this writing assignment. I simply googled 80’s tv shows when Magnum P.I caught my eye, a show they recently rebooted this year, so I wanted to see the original version. Now the assignment was just to watch …

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    Dear Mom,

    Moms in general are all special but, you are extraordinary. We have been through quite the rough patches and, each time you have proven to be stronger than I thought. I can’t even imagine how hard it is raising 2 kids and 2 dogs on your own. You …

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    Week 2


    This week I completed digital create templates on twitter on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. It took me a little while to find some things about the 80’s to tie into our class theme that I remembered but I think I am getting the hang of …

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    Another Day: Writing Assignment


    I am coming at this project a bit sideways. I began to think about this assignment early in the week. I spent some time walking slowly around campus and asking myself how I would take on this assignment. However, I have since created 2 other assignments that tied into my …

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    I went to a Queen concert… just kidding


    After my first assignment I decided to keep working with the 80s theme we have for our class. So I photoshopped my friends and I into a Queen concert.

    I used the Photo Image Editor Pixelstyle app on my Mac and it was an easy and user friendly app. I …

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    Finsta: A Web Assignment


    I decided to create finsta or a fake-instagram as my web assignment. However I thought I would try and add our 80s theme into the mix as well. I created a profile of a woman who is trapped in the 80s, and used a picture of my friend in her …

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    Week 1


    Wow what a week! It was the first week of classes so obviously my week was very busy. When I first looked over the syllabus I was nervous about creating my own domain. But I am trying harder to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. So I …

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    Digital Storytelling Theme


    This semester our class’s blog theme is the 80’s. I know nothing about the 80’s, besides perms, neon, and the breakfast club. So when I hear an 80’s theme I think I need to change the color scheme of my blog. I don’t think I am able to answer the …

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    DS106 Introductions


    Hello!! My name is Hannah I am a sophomore majoring in business and minoring in digital studies. I am very excited for this class and learning how to expand my digital knowledge more. I am also excited to keep creating and growing my blog. …

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    Hello world!


    Welcome to my blog for my Digital Storytelling Class! Here you will find all types of assignments and posts and, linked are my social media accounts for this class.…

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