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  1. Kelsey

    “Peace is the result of retraining your mind to process life as it is, rather than as you think it should be.” —Wayne W. Dyer

    On contemplating the places where I find peace, I wanted to find a way to collage my favorite pictures. I found an app for my iphone called Collageable. Here, I found a template I liked and selected 5 photos the speak to me. The app makes it really easy to upload and then save you […]
  2. @biggs_hank

    Larry and Mary Take on the Majors

    Create a Silly Movie Poster (3 1/2 stars) For this assignment i was instructed to use an existing movie poster and make it look funny. So when I decided to choose a baseball movie poster, I then decided to look up animals doing something with baseball which is where I got the two monkeys (Larry …

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  3. @madeleine_ds106

    Visual Assignment: Places of Peace

    This assignment required me to make a collage of pictures that represent peaceful moments to me. However, I decided to make a collage based on peaceful moments for my secret agent character, Margo Humphrey, or Sidney. Since she is from England, London would be a peaceful place for her to visit. I decided to include a picture of Big Ben I took a few years ago when I was visiting there. I also included a picture of the Eiffel Tower in Paris. Since Margo is a double agent for Britain and Russia, Paris is a relaxing place for her to find moments of peace during her stressful life. I also included a picture of a cappuccino because who doesn’t love coffee?! And lastly, a picture of Ozzy, who in this case could just be a cat that Margo owns. However, it was an adorable picture I couldn’t not include. If my cat brings me peace then so does Margo’s I made this collage from a collage app I downloaded to my phone. Just selected some pictures already on my camera roll and then uploaded it to this post! This is my last assignment for the Visual Assignment component of the week and it was another easy one!
  4. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Picture in Myth Visual Assignment

    You in Collage Form. Make it about the character that was created last week. This is a preview of my character that I created in last weeks assignments. Week 4 Visual Assignment 2 Stars Places of Piece        Create a collage of photos with all of your favorite spots where you feel relaxed or …

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  5. @GMorris1988

    Visual Assignments – Places of Peace

    Here are my places of peace.  Top Right is at ATT Park in San Francisco. Top Left is at the beach. Bottom Left is any pool on vacation. Bottom right is laying in bed with my daughter.   @theEnd106 Here are my favorite spots where I feel relaxed #ds106 #theend106 #visualassignments2109 — Geoff Morris … Continue reading Visual Assignments – Places of Peace
  6. @jetjenk43

    Hanging out with others like me, puts me at peace!!!!

    So I chose this two star assignment because I wanted to show the environments and people who put me at peace.  Now that I have this big craving for flesh and blood it seems that these people are the only ones that want to hang out with me, without trying to shoot me.   So the …

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