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  1. @christinac106

    An Incredible Essay

    This week is all about video, specifically analyzing cinematic camerawork and how it brings everything together. Since we have been looking at numerous aspects such as color, design, photos, audio, etc. throughout this course I was particularly excited to explore a different aspect of storytelling such as video. Prior to participating in this first initial […]
  2. @christinac106

    Girl gadgets are here!

    For my second audio assignment this week I decided to keep the momentum going and chose to do an assignment that allowed for me to create content for my radio show, “Girl Power”. Fictional Radio Ad is a four and a half star assignment that asked individuals to create a fictional radio of their choosing […]
  3. @christinac106

    Been There Done That

    With my first digital storytelling assignment down I decided to challenge myself slightly more when choosing my second assignment for the week. When looking at the assignment bank again I pondered what category I wanted tackle this time. I decided to choose an assignment from the animated GIF assignments. Since being a communications and digital […]

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