1. @hawkins10000

    Spy Interview


    Here is my spy interview for ds106. This one took me a while in selecting the questions, coming up with answers, and splitting the clips and moving them around, but other than that, it wasn’t bad. I decided to go with the “disguise” that everyone seems to wear in the …

  2. @megancarey95

    Spy Interview


    For the Character Interview, I chose what I thought were some of the funnier questions to make for a good interview for my character, Annabella Smith. I found footage of a silhouetted interview with an anonymous woman (which was actually very hard to find) and changed the pitch of my …

  3. @Samantha_Levy7

    Video Interview


    I actually really enjoyed doing this project. I liked being able to pick my own interview questions. My favorite question was which red animal would I be? I also enjoyed being asked the questions by the different DS106 professors. I thought that it was a fun twist on the course.…

  4. @NickSebenaler

    Character Interview


    If I had to choose between living with the hands of a baby or the feet of a baby?

    I would choose living with the feet of a baby. I use my hands for everything and I think have baby hands would hurt my spy skill set. But with little …

  5. @UMWdan

    Interview an Agent


    Ever wanted to know what Agent Roberts was up to? Now is your chance.

    The questions answered are (in order)

    When someone yawns do you also yawn? What do you think of garden gnomes? If you were being chased by a gorilla and had to choose going down a manhole…
  6. @wbschd

    003 Character Interview


    I had to answer a seven-question 003 character interview, splicing together my character answers with the interviewer clips. I chose to mimic a Skype call, and had to use some iPhone recording, re-uploading, and splicing tricks after failing to download the interview into an effective MP4 file instead of a …

  7. @libcal3

    The infamous interview


    This week Agent Fawn was interviewed by top ds106 leaders. The following video is a segment of some of the remotely done interview.


    The resume question in particular was great because Agent Fawn actually already had a resume created in a previous week so her story lines up with …

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