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  1. @christinac106

    Final Countdown

    Wow, just one more week left here in ds106! It’s crazy to look back and see all that I have accomplished and learned within this thrilling and liberating semester. Now just one last task lies ahead… our final mission. Our final mission is ultimately our final project here in ds106, one last thing in between […]
  2. @christinac106

    Need help?

    Ever go to work on something and feel like you can’t seem to understand how to complete it? Well don’t worry, you’re not the only one. Certainly here in ds 106 we all have been introduced to assignments that consist of various aspects such as audio, design, video, images, etc. I am sure we all […]
  3. @christinac106

    Final Mission

    Since this week is about mashups and remixes, so it’s only fitting that we have to put together a blog post about a potential final mission mashup. Last week in my blog post I listed off three ideas that I believed would be good final mission ideas. The thought of combing one of my ideas […]
  4. @christinac106

    Getting There

    We did it, we finished filming! Our video show “Girl Power” is almost done and I couldn’t be more excited. Filming today was a breeze, my group mates and I got together and began filming away. Like I mentioned earlier we utilized the outline we created for our show and it helped immensely. By following […]
  5. @christinac106

    Making Progress

    Today’s the day, aka filming day! My group has been planning our video out for the past week now and today we are finally going to be getting into action. With an outline put together, we have the basis for what we want to discuss and do in our video show, “Girl Power”. The main […]
  6. @christinac106

    Did someone say mission?

    As secret agents we’ve encountered numerous missions since our time here in ds106. Now as the semester is nearing an end, am I seeing one last mission in our future? A couple ideas come to mind for a potential last mission… One idea that I have is that our secret agent intelligence has been left […]
  7. @christinac106

    Mission 10: Complete

    Another week has come to an end and I feel like I am finally getting the hang of this whole video thing. This week specifically was dedicated to video and how filming techniques really create stories. We’ve previously looked at design, photography, audio, etc and sought to comprehend how that sets up storytelling. However by […]
  8. @christinac106

    Video Show Plan

    This week we were given the option of two video assignments; one option consisted of working individually in order to complete 10 stars of video assignments, while the other option is to work in groups similar to your radio show and create a video show. So with that Christiana Meyers, Katie Rauch, and myself decided […]
  9. @christinac106

    An Incredible Essay

    This week is all about video, specifically analyzing cinematic camerawork and how it brings everything together. Since we have been looking at numerous aspects such as color, design, photos, audio, etc. throughout this course I was particularly excited to explore a different aspect of storytelling such as video. Prior to participating in this first initial […]
  10. @christinac106

    Mission 9: Complete

    Another busy week completed here in digital storytelling 106. Since turning in our radio show projects last week, this week came in full force with a heavy, but exciting work load. Our main focus this week was exploring the web and the storytelling that’s told within it. In order to learn web storytelling we were […]
  11. @christinac106

    Create and Connect

    Like usual we had to participate in three daily creates this week. However, that being said we then needed to find a way to connect them together. The three creates I did were; heart transplant, top trumps, and secret agent selfie. So with that here goes my story… One day Perry the Platypus was out […]
  12. @christinac106

    Take Two

    This week we were asked to revise one 3, 4, or 5 star assignment we have created in a previous week. Once picked we needed to revise, improve, or remix it in so way shape or form. With that I spent some time looking back at all of the assignments I created. I struggled a […]
  13. @christinac106

    Remixing The Web

    This week has been all about the web! Between participating in web assignments and exploring how storytelling can be told through web I have had the opportunity to partake in some pretty cool assignments. One assignment in particular that we were asked to do this week was called web storytelling. This asked that students essentially […]
  14. @christinac106


    This evening I had the pleasure of tuning into ds106 radio to listen to some of my classmates very own radio shows they created from the previous two weeks. I was super excited to listen in because everyones show’s had very different ideas and themes so with that I was excited to see it or […]

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