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  1. @MonicaG71488057

    Assignment Redo

    This is a redo of the Larger Than Life assignment as well as, A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words assignment! Enjoy! Larger Than Life 2.0 My roommate’s dog is HUGE! He roams the 5th-floor hallway of Eagle Landing, scaring all who pass by! HAHAHA! JK! This lil beagle is actually two feet tall! He …

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  2. @MonicaG71488057

    A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words

    This wonderful picture of me was taken in September of last year. I am now having second thoughts about exposing an embarrassing picture of myself to you but it’s all good! The story behind this picture is hopefully hilarious and a bit nostalgic to you. First off have you seen The Emperor’s New Groove? If …

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  3. @yarasaleh68

    What’s the story behind this photo?

    This assignment caught my attention real quick, and the first reason why was because of it’s cover photo. When I clicked on the assignment, I laughed at the idea of thinking what situation would lead up to that particular moment. I thought of a 100 reasons, then when I realized I could make up the …

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  4. @ana_leino

    This picture is worth a couple of words

    While scrolling through my computer to find a random photo to write about for this final assignment, I came across this picture.  Brought back a couple of memories. This is me three years ago when I was a freshman here at UMW, home for my first fall break.  I had brought my roommate back since …

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