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  1. @lper0581

    Weekly Summary 11

    This week we produced our video project! I wrote up all my thoughts and feelings on it in this blog post: I also thought of some more final proj ideas: We also completed daily creates: and commented on other peoples work:
  2. @lper0581

    Week 10

    For this week I created a video essay which I had never done before. It took a lot of video editing but I really enjoyed the process. I didn’t realize how much I liked editing until I was actually doing it! I used my favorite scene from Bladerunner2049 and spoke about it here! I also … Continue reading Week 10
  3. @lper0581

    Video Essay

    For the video essay assignment I created this video analyzing a scene from my favorite movie “Bladerunner 2049.” Bladerunner 2049 is a beautiful sequal to the 80’s movie “Bladerunner 2019.” In an attempt to not get claimed I’ve made this video “private” so you have to put in a password to watch it. The password … Continue reading Video Essay
  4. @lper0581

    Radio listening

    I tuned in to “80’s Brain cells that you forgot about.” What I really liked about it was that the group did a more conversational/ podcast radioshow. It was super easy listening and I really liked the format of it in part because it was so different than what my group did. A lot of … Continue reading Radio listening
  5. @lper0581

    just dance (maybe i misspoke:revised)

    Revisiting this Visual assignment, instead of creating a poster based on quotes from a secret agent, I wanted instead to make a misquoted poster including 3 movies from the 80’s about dance: Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and Footloose. Here’s my original rendition of this assignment: Here’s my revised poster: Here I have a picture from Flashdance, … Continue reading just dance (maybe i misspoke:revised)

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