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  1. @missgoofyxx

    Another One Bites the Dust

    Week 2 Daily Creates I started this week late due to family visiting my home and unfortunate events with my spouse’s vehicle, but when I finally checked in I was stoked to see the inclusion of the daily create. I wanted to participate in them, but it would slip my mind. Now that it is […]
  2. @lper0581

    just dance (maybe i misspoke:revised)

    Revisiting this Visual assignment, instead of creating a poster based on quotes from a secret agent, I wanted instead to make a misquoted poster including 3 movies from the 80’s about dance: Flashdance, Dirty Dancing, and Footloose. Here’s my original rendition of this assignment: Here’s my revised poster: Here I have a picture from Flashdance, … Continue reading just dance (maybe i misspoke:revised)
  3. @yarasaleh68

    What a wonderful quote

    When reading this assignment, I thought of the many times I’ve read something that I thought was true but wasn’t. There have been so many things my family or friends took as truth from first sight. I thought of that a lot while doing this assignment. When I was starting this assignment, I first tried …

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  4. @hannahkolkmeyer

    Assignment Bank Exploration

    DS106 Reacts: Ok so the first one I picked was to make a gif reaction with a caption and story to go with it. Picture this: You are having a conversation with your friend, your friend is telling you about her new boyfriend, you obviously intrigued continue to listen until she admits…….she’s dating your father…… …

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  5. @Maggieo_13

    Wonder Week Two

    This week I began with doing my first daily create. I actually loved these! There is really no parameters. I like this because I get to be creative! My favorite daily create was the robots fourth law. I was able to use bender from Futurama! Futurama is an adult animated comedy show and bender is […]

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