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    Week #8: Daily Creates


    Below are the two Daily Creates I did for this week.

    The first one was what happened to Prince Charming? Who kidnapped Prince Charming? So I had a little fun with this and decided to play it up a little. We all know the Little Mermaid Ariel and we all …

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    Weekly Summary #7


    This week was eventful because we began our group project work. I spent time attempting to make my audio assignments fit with our project and working on criteria for the project.

    I worked three out of my four audio assignments dedicated to my project. The first one is “Call Me, …

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    101.2 The Spy: Progress Updates


    As a lot of us have obviously started on our radio shows, I have to say i am excited to see how my group works together on this. So far this week we have created a google doc where we can collborate on ideas together about our project. We came …

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    Auditory Hell


    There are two things I absolutely hate in this world…nails scratching and styrofoam. I literally cringe at the sound of either, styrofoam specifically makes me physically ill every time I hear it. I have to leave the room when it comes into space. In other words, this auditory was pure …

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    Humming Away


    For this one I hummed Trinkle Little Star. I watch an almost 2 year and 7 year old four times a week….I sing a lot of songs for nap time! Lately my little 1 year old has been obessed with Trinkle Little Star….so it has been stuck in my head …

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    Call Me, Beep ME


    For this assignment I kept my team project in mind and thinking of how I could add this possibly to our radio show. I struggled with adding my recording thanks to different file types but my goal was for my agent to send an SOS call. My agent’s story ended …

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    Create A Place


    So for this assignment I kind of twisted it a little and put my spin on it. We were tasked to create a place with sound, I created a place and a scene at the same time. My goal was to tell a story through the sound, it could be …

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    Week 6 Summary


    This week we really explored ways of convey art through photography and type. I think in art these are two of the most basic forms of reaching a reader! Below is my own exploration of these design principles.

    First, I wrote a reflection on a short book we read in …

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    So I had the pleasure of reading a short booklet by Massimo Vignelli called The Vignelli Canon. The booklet took us through a couple of different types of visual components when dealing with artistic values like the type. There was a section that talked about the paper, the size of …

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    Book Cover Design


    I work in managing aquatics and honestly, I can’t tell you how much stupid stuff happens at the pool specifically with chemicals. I am continuously baffled by the lack of common sense I witness, with that in my mind I created the following book. Again I am really bad at …

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    PSA Billboard


    This actually was really fun to me because you got to make a PSA for a Billboard of anything you wanted. I did the only acceptable thing, which was to make a Billboard about using your car blinker! Why don’t people use their blinkers! It’s not that amazing because I …

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    Nothing gets blitzer then a design blitz! Below I depicted four different photos for this mission. Color, minimalism, Metaphors and Symbols, and Proportion.

    Color: I wanted to capture something beyond beutiful for this section to really represent it. Unfortunately want I wanted wasn’t possible thanks to this intereting weather we …

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    Weekly Summary #5


    This week is another hard week I have to take my computer in twice for repairs and almost didn’t get my audio files to download.

    Alright first up is my Radio Bumper. I actually had to retake this like twelve times cause I kept giggling

    I would talk into my …

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    I have been thinking of some things that I could do to create a radio show, so I would have enough things to talk about to keep my readers listening. I also wanted to come up with some ideas that could help my listeners generate some solid images.

    I came …

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    Love Myself


    Love Myself

    Who doesn’t love a good Justin and Selena mashup? I personally enjoy the songs “Love Yourself” and “Hands to Myself.” These two songs are very emotional on both parts and I felt like they fitted together well! Unfortunately because they are popular songs I had trouble uploading it …

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    Moon Graffiti Reflection


    So listening to this for some reason really brought me Machine Gun Kelly vibes lol.

    Besides the point first thing I notice is the feeling, I can feel the intensity of the story. The background noise in the story of the radio talking and communicating with what sounds like the …

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    Weekly Summary #4


    This week has been crazy! Dealing with a ton of stuff but still pushing along with school and classes! My assignments are kind of in a weird order but I think the point is clear.

    First up is the Photoblitzer. This one was fun and creative. It really took me …

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    Animated Pet


    3 Stars

    My house is obsessed with our dog, OBSESSED! Literally that dog is the infant of the house and all the attention is on him. His name is Flap because of his ears. Flap recently being a crazy doggo jumped down from a high couch and sprained his ankle …

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    Pop Star Out of Place


    3.5 stars

    I had fun with this one. Its a little controversial but Kevin Hart’s facial reactions some up my life when dealing with politics and watching the political campaigns. …

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    Camp Poster


    3.5 stars

    I have always wanted to go to a rock climbing camp. Nothing interest me more then free climbing. The adrenaline, the thrill, the risk. Love it. So if I had a choice I would spend a week learning to free climb, I don’t even care how dangerous. …

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    Design to Shock


    Four Star Assignment

    For this assignment we needed to create a shocking image. I am all for wildfire awareness and protecting our National forests. So my response for this one was to make this a little aggressive smoking poster. …

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    Ok so this was slightly challenging for me because I kept thinking what should I take a photo with for this and what should I take a photo for that, I think I accomplished the idea of the activity.

    Start time.

    1.) An instrument that measures something

    I cook a…
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    At one point I wanted to be a photographer, I loved a good clear photo. I saved up all my money and bought this canon single shot camera, I eventually graduated to a Canon Ti83 camera and quickly became the photographer of the family. I still take photos mainly family …

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    Still Shot


    Hello! Shocking shocking, I am using once again the movie Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I adore this movie, I can re watch it multiple times over and over again. I love this shot, its from one of the most intense and bad*** scenes in the movie.

    I like this shot …

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