1. @Maggieo_13

    Week Eight! Project Reflection!


    My group met for the second time tonight at the HCC to bring together our radio show. Three of us got there at 8 and began sending our audio recordings to Lalia. She then began to upload them into audacity. We all had separate parts in which we had to …

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    Audio Assignments Week 7!


    This Assignment is worth 2 stars. It is AudioAssignments2004. I had to create the we will rock you beat from the artist queen in a creative way. I used a paper cup and my breathing to create the beat. 

    This assignment is worth 3 and a half stars. It is …

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    Radio Post Update!


    My group and I were able to meet Wednesday at 7 pm to discuss our project! We were able to come to the decision to do origin stories for all of our superheros we created. Then we would a discuss how our super hero is applicable to today’s society. We …

  4. @Maggieo_13

    Radio Show Design Project!


    Above is my poster for the radio show my group will be putting on. We have named our radio station KLLM Radio. Our show will be about the origin stories of our characters and then applying them to modern day issues. We have decided to me open the show with …

  5. @Maggieo_13

    Reflection Of Week 6.


    This week I began with reading the Vignelli canon. This was interesting for me and helped me take pictures for the Design Blitz which was  what I did second. Through out the week I did the daily creates my favorite daily create was making a smiling vegetable. This was just …

  6. @Maggieo_13

    Week 6 Assignments!


     DesignAssignments2115 was my first assignment I did. I was able to create my super hero Super Nova by using http://www.heromachine.com/heromachine-3-lab/ .This was 4 stars. 

    My next design assignment was DesignAssignments2101. I  used an online font creator. This was 2 and 1 half stars. 

    My next design was DesignAssignments2099 this was …

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