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    Recommendations for next year!


    For this class there are a few things to know.

    First thing to know is this class is a lot of work, but it id do able.

    Second this class is a lot of fun and you will push yourself to learn to use different online methods to create and …

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    Final Project


    Lilah and I were able to create a multimedia final project. We first created the Youtube channel Wonder Women. Then I created a logo for it which was a design project. Next Lilah and I used our superheros from this course and created intros. In these videos we used music …

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    Final Project Update!


    For the final project I am working with Lilah Beebe. We first tested each other for interest and then set a time to meet through a google doc. From there we discussed what we wanted to do for the project, how we wanted to do it, and when to have …

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    Week 12!


    This week was a more difficult week for me. The mash ups we different. I had to get creative and push myself on learning certain technology. I had to learn how to really use audacity and find new ways to edit and mash up photos. Overall this week was fun …

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    RemixAssignments, Remix15, RemixedAssignments2812

    Video (3)

    I chose to use a video of Barack Obama speaking and I dubbed his voice with a robot! He is being playful and funny in the clip so the video is enjoyable with the robot voice.

    Remix12, RemixedAssignments2814

    I had to create a photo and …

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    Assignments Week 12!


    MashupAssignments, MashupAssignments2151


    For this assignment I used snap chat to create superman holding up the UC! It was a pretty quick one and I enjoyed making it! This was worth 3 stars.


    For this assigment I also used snap chat! I had to create a mashup of two …

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    Last week I chose to do the VideoAssignments2148! It was fun! I felt like a YouTuber. The first thing that you should do while contemplating doing this project is get over any nerves of film in front of people and talking to the camera. Over everything else in this project …

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    Week 11!


    This week we had to work on movies and videos. Though I have never created movies before. Film is a large part of our society and my daily life. i can’t remember the last time I went through a full day with out at least seeing an advertisement for a …

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    I am honestly not sure what to put. But I was thinking for a final project idea was creating a short video or movie for our superheros. I think it would be fun and entertaining. It would also tie in out superheros. I’m not entirely sure what the teacher meant …

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