1. @ldeitrick

    Final Chapter….. Part 2 and Reflections



    This map plots out the first four attacks. Originally thought to be unrelated incidents, as the number continued to grow and eye witness accounts were collected, a much more sinister picture began to emerge as the world began to realize some one or something was targeting the world’s …

  2. @OliviaBreler

    The final crisis


    Charlie and Nathan are on the road to Raleigh, North Carolina. They are laughing and singing along to whatever is on the radio. It’s been a slow week, Charlie has been itching for something to do but everything has been suspiciously calm. They are heading to North Carolina to check …

  3. @courthardy2018

    Final Weekly Summary


    As I sit down to write this final weekly summary, I can’t help but to look back on this semester and think of how quickly it flew by. I feel like just yesterday I was looking at the course syllabus, overwhelmed by the expectations of this class that I quickly …

  4. @courthardy2018

    Adventures of the Sapient Shadows


    A long time ago in Fredericksville far, far away, the Sapient Shadows were created. Who are these mysterious heroes? How did they get their superpowers? Will they save the students of the University of Mary Washington? Read on to find out.

    You’ve met Morph Shadow, but have you met Neptune …

  5. @8footbullshark

    Final Crisis


    For my “final crisis” I originally found myself somewhat confused on the assignment, I was unsure what exactly I was supposed to come up with but based on the description it will be a combination which touches on all aspects of what we have worked with during class; audio, video, …

  6. @ashedwardz

    Kaleidoscope Saves the Day!


    Kaleidoscope wanted to spend the afternoon outside with her friends. Shortly after she left her house, rain clouds rolled in from the distance and it started to rain. All her friends were sad and were about to head home. But Kaleidoscope is not one to be defeated easily. She had …

  7. @lshaikh26

    Superhero crisis


    My superhero always completed his missions in a concealed way, not letting anyone know who was doing that. People in the city knew that there was a superhero, but were not exactly sure who that person was.

    What if this news of who the superhero is, goes public and is …

  8. @Eric Dorman

    Final Ideas: Meme making


    I think something to do for the final is meme making. Meme’s as a design form are a crude yet popular and effective way of conveying irony or some other message. An idea for the final is having our own little meme war.…

  9. @Maggieo_13



    I am honestly not sure what to put. But I was thinking for a final project idea was creating a short video or movie for our superheros. I think it would be fun and entertaining. It would also tie in out superheros. I’m not entirely sure what the teacher meant …

  10. @ldeitrick

    Twitterverse and trolls


    The American people are under attack form the inside out. Russian trolls and bots have taken over the internet are dividing Americans, pitting brother against sister, child against parent. 

    Someone must save the day. Someone must put a stop to this – how do we heal the twitterverse? How do …

  11. @Ms_AmandaP

    Final Crisis


    I’m a little lost as to what we should do for our final project. When I think of superheroes, I think of DC Comics versus Marvel. Maybe we could divide the class superheroes into two different superhero “clubs” and have them face the same villain or disaster. Then we could …

  12. @k8lynclements

    Superhero Crisis


    For the final crisis I am not sure exactly what you are looking for but I have a couple ideas:

    Make a side kick for our superhero and use one of the medias we learned about to introduce them. Do the same thing above but with your superheroes arch enemy.…
  13. @OliviaBreler

    Final project


    So for the final project, or “crisis” I thought it might be kinda cool to incorporate everything we’ve covered this semester. I’m not sure exactly what the project is supposed to be, but what if the world is ending? We could create the worlds end using our preferred digital method …

  14. @KaseyMayer

    Trouble Strikes in Fredericksburg


    For the crisis ideas for our class to solve I decided to go for simpler everyday crisis to superhero city destruction level mission. I also included a villain mission since not all of the classes characters are necessarily a hero.

    College students across the city are beginning to struggle with…
  15. @Hannah Woehrle

    Final Project Ideas


    It’s hard to say exactly what our final project should look like. I don’t know what the goal is for it. However, I imagine it should incorporate most if not all of the different types of storytelling we’ve studied.

    Perhaps we should be tasked with making social media profiles for …

  16. @PamlanyeJordan

    Little Brain’s Final Crisis


    I think a really interesting final crisis would be to have the superhero, super villain, or sidekick like myself lose their power for a brief time. I like the idea of their power only being missing or lost for a brief time that way it is not as if they …

  17. @girlycurlyfries

    the final crisis


    Our superhero and super villain identities have been used to fight not only crimes but for our grades. It’s been an adventure using them as a creative outlet of inspiration to fuel some of our assignments. Now that the semester is slowly coming to an end, there is a need …

  18. @courthardy2018

    What is Your Final Crisis?


    This week, we were tasked with coming up with ideas for our final mission, adventure or crisis for part of the final challenge of the semester. I really have no idea what direction I am going to take this so it will develop as I write this post. Here are …

  19. @melseykooring

    Final Crisis (Week Eleven):


    Final Crisis

    Final Crisis you say? Well since I heavily relate to my super-villain, Jester, I thought of a two interesting ideas for our final project. See below:

    If there are an even number of students in the course, it would be cool to assign partners (i.e. pair a student…
  20. @ashedwardz

    Final Crisis


    For the final project, I think that we should have to create a sidekick to go along with our superhero. The two characters will have to fight a crime/solve a problem together, topic at everyone’s own discretion. We should be required to incorporate several of the different categories that have …

  21. @TristenStevens3

    Another Mission


    As Mellow Man wakes up at a leisurely time of 11:45 am, he hears what sounds like a scream. Mellow man takes his long board and flies down the freeway trying to avoid as much LA traffic as possible. While he is going down the road, he notices a lot …

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