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    The Final Week… 14


    Wow, we made it through a digitally mind blowing semester. I learned more about digital platforms and apps than ever before! I had enjoyable group projects as well and am so happy with the work we came up with.

    DISTRESS SIGNAL BACK: to create the updates on Ceto, Little Brain …

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    here’s some advice


    The beginning of this class was definitely overwhelming. For one, this was my first go at an online course. Understanding the necessary requirements, and needed accounts via many readings is what began the worries. But during the course of understanding the structure and how to complete a weeks worth of …

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    final crisis // distress signal is back


    For this project, I decided a group project would be an efficient way to end the semester. Although I have so many other projects to worry about, I think that splitting up the work with a group will benefit us all. I chose to reach out to the Distress Signal …

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    week 12 = complete!


    This is the first time I’ve finished up the week early! I’m very impressed with myself! I knew that this week was going to be crazy in terms of other classes, so getting this work done was the best method for me. I enjoyed making all the things I did …

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    Holidaze Mashup ft. a ‘Stache


    This assignment was called Holiday Mashup and it consisted of combining some of your favorite holiday’s to make one piece. It was definitely not cohesive besides the fact they’re all holiday’s. I decided to combine things that symbolize Christmas, Birthdays, and Valentines Day. I have a lot of favorite holiday’s …

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    Ramsay is ready for his close up


    So I guess this obsession with Gordon Ramsay is continuing throughout each couple weeks.. because here he is again, in what I would believe to be a nightmare for him.

    Here Gordon Ramsay is shown stuck in a field of flowers. It seems as if he is calling for help …

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    week 11 video (part 2)


    This week was a continuation of last week’s video related assignments. Creating videos is something I find very entertaining and I love gaining more skills on how to enhance this form of media. Not only were we asked to do assignments from the Assignment bank, we were told to do …

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    Narrative Ambiance


    In order to produce this video, I used Premiere which gave me the opportunity to add music along with my voiceover of the poem called Roads We Travel by Marilyn Lott. I’m not familiar with her other work or sure if she has any other work but I found this …

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    the final crisis


    Our superhero and super villain identities have been used to fight not only crimes but for our grades. It’s been an adventure using them as a creative outlet of inspiration to fuel some of our assignments. Now that the semester is slowly coming to an end, there is a need …

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    video week 10


    If every week was video related I would not be bothered. This form of media is one that I really enjoy manipulating and gaining more skills about so I can apply them to other endeavors related to editing. When I first started editing, it was very intimidating and at my …

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    This is my last assignment for this week and I had a lot of fun making it! I’ve made a Gordon Ramsay creation previously for this class and I thought why not continue that since he’s a person I not only look up to but laugh with. There are a …

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    Life HACK


    For this assignment I first researched some interesting hacks that I found online. I wanted to try something that I’ve never done or heard of before but also be able to utilize the resources I already have. That’s what so great about this hack is that most people have these …

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    A few seconds of art


    For this assignment we were asked to create a short video that demonstrates you creating art. One of my favorite pastimes is to create scrapbook pages and collages. There something about have so much control that makes me love making them. I have a scrapbook that I don’t regularly add …

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    Video Essay


    I’m really excited about this week for a number of reasons. My main reason is because I love creating video content. There’s something about editing that I really enjoy so I was really eager to get started with these interesting assignments. We were asked to watch and read about what …

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    week 9!!


    Week 9 has been all about Broadcasting and Web Storytelling. You may be wondering, what is web storytelling? Well, from my understanding it is the creation of a piece made through manipulating or recreating a live piece of work into a different entity. For example, using “X-RAY Goggles” to change …

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    photo through different lenses


    These photos showcase the man spaces in which my headphones live. I took this pictures with an iPhone and tried to be in as many spaces as possible to show the presence and importance of music and being able to listen to it readily. In away these photos tell a …

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    kumu konnection



    For this map, you’re looking at the many connections within artists not even necessarily connected by genre. Many of these artists overlap in the music they create and have made connections over time by maturing as artists, learning different and unique styles. I have a strong obsession with …

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    canvas catering to me


    So far I’m really enjoying these web assignments! It’s pretty neat to be able to manipulate something that you might not be capable of otherwise. I love that so many people used the idea of manipulating Amazon by catering to their interests like Morph Shadow’s costume, or the resume our …

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    For this assignment, we were asked to create drawings according to what word we’re given. What is crazy is that you’re basically playing Pictionary with the computer! This was so fun that I did it twice. In the picture shown above, this was my second attempt, and they could recognized …

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    giving ds106 radio a listen!


    This week we presented our radio projects! It was really interesting listening to how other groups ideas came together. My favorite part of it is the live tweeting aspect. I never knew how much I enjoyed live tweeting until this class really! It’s just cool to see a lot of …

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    week 8


    This week consisted of putting together a concise and consistent script. We first began by organizing our google doc on what exactly we planned to record. After communicating through email, we finally met up at the HCC to get to know each other as well start adding more content for …

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    Week 7


    For week 7 we’re exploring and creating in the world of Radio! My group members and I have decided to create a podcast full of activities, themed games, news about our superheroes and some musical content all relating to our superheroes/villains. We decided our group name will be Distress Signal, …

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    our show: Distress Signal


    As a group (Ashleigh, Jordan, and Ana), we decided on a very typical radio show… but with a twist. It will be based off of a world in which superheros are known of, talked about, and broadcasted about on the radio. Our show will have news and updates, interactive games …

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    distress signal outro


    From using the bumper assignment out of the assignment bank, I created an outro for our Distress Signal radio show. I first found a free song online that felt very superhero like. It’s entitled epic, how we depict our show to be. I coordinated with my group member, Ashleigh to …

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    Here is a promo I’ve created for Distress Signal, a podcast where we plan to feature games and activities related to our superheroes, and include information on news about the superheroes (us) to help the listener understand the hosts more and be able to connect as if they are living …

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