1. @girlycurlyfries

    Week 7


    For week 7 we’re exploring and creating in the world of Radio! My group members and I have decided to create a podcast full of activities, themed games, news about our superheroes and some musical content all relating to our superheroes/villains. We decided our group name will be Distress Signal, …

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    our show: Distress Signal


    As a group (Ashleigh, Jordan, and Ana), we decided on a very typical radio show… but with a twist. It will be based off of a world in which superheros are known of, talked about, and broadcasted about on the radio. Our show will have news and updates, interactive games …

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    distress signal outro


    From using the bumper assignment out of the assignment bank, I created an outro for our Distress Signal radio show. I first found a free song online that felt very superhero like. It’s entitled epic, how we depict our show to be. I coordinated with my group member, Ashleigh to …

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    Here is a promo I’ve created for Distress Signal, a podcast where we plan to feature games and activities related to our superheroes, and include information on news about the superheroes (us) to help the listener understand the hosts more and be able to connect as if they are living …

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    week 6 – audio


    For this week in digital storytelling we we’re given the opportunity to explore via design. I never thought too highly of design but throughout this week I have gained a deeper appreciation on the subject. Whether you’re designing an ad or a comic strip, there are universal rules to follow …

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    M.M. LOGO


    If Malevolent Melody had a logo I think it would look a little something like this:

    It incorporates all that she is about which includes her magical keytar, music, and her colorful energy!…

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    The Matrix


    One of my favorite shows is Broad City. It stars two girls who live in New York and get into very funny situations. I wanted to do this assignment on a show because it connects more with me than a movie scene would. I screenshot 21 stills from an episode …

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    design blitz


    For this assignment I wanted to keep it in the area. I took a few pictures of the campus advertisements based off of the well location and the fact that it was eye catching enough to be picture worthy. Here is some things that I’ve found as well as the …

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