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  1. @BreeNicholson14

    Look, listen, analyze

    This assignment we have to watch a video and use different techniques to looking, listening, and analyzing them! I chose this link to follow to analyze: First, with looking, I saw how the colors and patterns of the clip looked. It help to set the tone, and to what would come next. By listening, I…
  2. @BreeNicholson14

    Reading Movies

    This task was about reading about and responding to some suggestions by Ebert about motion pictures. For the two videos I watched, I watched Kubrick // One-Point Perspective and Examples of Editing Techniques I found these both to be really informative as they helped me to understand the basic of what type of videos I…
  3. @BreeNicholson14

    TED Radio Hour and ScottLo

    For this assignment, we were to listen and learn about audio techniques and ways to use audio to the best of our ability. For the TED Radio Hour videos, just by listening to their different techniques (one using sound, the other without) I learned how much of a difference the two videos worked. By using…

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