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  1. @jacobhilker1

    Final Weekly Summary

    My final project is here and the tutorials are here. I feel like I learned a lot in class, mostly breaking down different forms of media into respective elements and then analyzing those elements and why they help add to the story. For an example, see my analysis of the cutscene after Cayde-6 from Destiny […]
  2. @jacobhilker1

    Final Project Tutorials

    For my first assignment, a visual assignment, I started by making a sample character in this character creator (note: requires Java). I used Artur’s hair which I modified in app to be more blonde, Chad’s armor which I modified to be green instead of the blue which is default, and while I don’t remember the […]
  3. @jacobhilker1


    “My name is Garulf, second son to Lord Eadric of Blackhill, a small town in the northwest of Byrne. I’ve been a part of the King’s Rangers since I was but a lad of 17. The past isn’t what matters in this case.” “Recently I received an urgent message from King Godric saying the Skuldi […]
  4. @jacobhilker1

    Summer Week 4 Summary

    My daily creates are here, here, here, and here. The comments on the blogs are located here, here, here, and here. The two assignments are here and here. I didn’t feel it was particularly difficult for some portions, like recording my footage, but actually working in iMovie was a different beast. I am so used […]
  5. @jacobhilker1

    Weekly Summary for Week 3

    The Daily Creates are here, here, here, and here. My thoughts on storytelling with audio are here, and my assignments are here, here, here, and here. Nothing felt overly difficult to me at least (probably because I’ve had some experience with audio engineering and music production before), and while I am a musician, even ignoring […]
  6. @jacobhilker1

    A Stormy, Quaint Village

    For my final assignment, worth 4 stars, we had to create a place using only sounds. Normally I would have used but since I had used a different site, Tabletop Audio, before, I elected to use that, since their sound effects are very high quality. I elected to make a village located on the […]
  7. @jacobhilker1


    I have always enjoyed the music from games, and when I first listened to Guile’s Theme I knew that I wanted to remix it, so I did, for my first 4-star assignment this week. I started with a MIDI file, and once I had started trying to actually make it mash up I kept running […]
  8. @jacobhilker1

    A Moon Shot

    For this assignment worth 3.5 stars, we had to create a story of 90 seconds or less. I decided that my story would be connected to my science fiction setting Fallen Heavens, and one assignment from this week had to be related to the character we had created beforehand, and my character is Markus Heyfield, […]
  9. @jacobhilker1

    Thoughts on Audio Storytelling

    I would agree that when Ira Glass says that writing isn’t like what you’ve been taught in highschool. Even if I had never taken a broadcasting or writing class in high school, I still understand that a paper or story isn’t going to necessarily start with any one particular topic – even if one idea […]
  10. @jacobhilker1

    Above And Beyond

    For my first assignment, worth 3 stars, we had to create our own logo for a company. I decided to work some on my sci-fi setting Fallen Heavens and made the logo for Heyfield Aerospace Industries, also known as Heyfield Industries, the first company to develop an air craft capable of both vacuum flight and […]
  11. @jacobhilker1

    Thoughts On Canon

    I feel like the Vignelli Canon was poorly organized, from a reader’s standpoint. As someone interested in design and who has dabbled in design, I didn’t exactly agree with all of what he said, especially when he wrote, “Design without discipline is anarchy” and “Without discipline, design is automatically horrible.” I would disagree because in […]
  12. @jacobhilker1

    Fallen Heavens

    The Battle of Luna had just begun, and the mercenaries and elite troops of the DLA had started their assault on the Mare Smythii, Interceptors and LRAVs leading the Kidal pilots above while heavy artillery pounded from the lunar vehicles. The War had just begun. Even the North Koreans had reluctantly agreed to join, but […]
  13. @jacobhilker1

    Design Blitz

    For this assignment, we had to take several photos that we felt represented four of the concepts of design that were discussed on the sight, and in order, I decided to use my photos to discuss minimalism and typography, contrast, color, and finally dominance, with the moon-like planet and the starship leaning in for a […]
  14. @jacobhilker1

    Week 1 Summary

    Here is the first daily create, the second daily create, and the third daily create. In addition, here is my photo safari. The last things here are my personal assignments for the week (a noble house, a camp poster, an edited game cover, and a spubble). I feel like the assignments for this week were […]
  15. @jacobhilker1

    Midweek 1 Summary

    Setting up the social media was very easy, though I am not very active on Twitter, so learning that will be somewhat difficult (especially considering a tweet can’t be edited.) Setting up the domain very easy, though I am still learning WordPress so using the blog was more difficult. My customization experience was mostly looking […]

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