1. @shika_f

    Cold Blood


    Here is another gem in which I have no knowledge about. I have heard so many great things about this film and yet, this is the very first time I have seen anything from it. Regardless, I thought it was really good! I not particularly sure why the “psycho” killed …

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    Cuts and Perspective


    This first video was extremely helpful make it clear to me many of the basic cuts scenes a film or particular scene can have. I was very familiar with the jump cuts as I see them often done in YouTube videos and the name is familiar from the people who …

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    Reading a Movie


    After reading up on Ebert’s Article on Reading a Movie, I thought about how I’ve seen the fruits of the labor of others who have probably used similar tactics that Ebert mentioned. I’m always amazed at all of the little details that I’ve missed, the metaphors in the actions …

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    Dead and Gone


    This is the tell a story assignment from the assignment bank is worth 3.5 stars. Wow! This was an absolutely amazing assignment. I had a bit of trouble deciding on the topic and tone I wanted the my story to have. So, in the end, I actually came up with …

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    Moon Graffiti


    Listening to this was absolute fantastic! Already, I really enjoy to listen narrations and stories from storytellers on YouTube who read from Reddit about people’s true or not so true encounters with the supernatural or terrible people. However, I can say with great confidence that this was many steps above …

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    TED and Scottlo Summary


    Here during the TED Radio hour, we are introduced to Sherry Turkle who studied the behavior of elderly men and women who interacted with comfot or support robots that allow them to be social and allow them to have that connection and help them open up and in this case, …

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    Intro to Audio


    In the first part of Glass’ video of storytelling, I found that it is very true where it’s very important how a sequence of events can caputre the listener’s attention. It allows them to follow along and understand what’s going on will leave them hungry to find out what will …

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    End of Week 2


    I feel pretty down and disappointed in myself for not giving myself enough time to complete everyting in a timely manner. Although there’s the famous quote, “It doesn’t matter if by an inch or a mile, winning is winning.”, I feel that I could have prefromed a bit better on …

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    Tv Gifs


    As you can see, I love the animated tv show Bobs Burgers. It was difficult to choose the best scenes from the show, soI ended up finding a video with different moments from the show and fed this to the gify website. Here, I am able to give a link …

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    Funny Cats


    I had this video in my youtube favorites playlists and I still laugh everytime! I went to the gify website and they have it set up where you can turn any youtube video (under 15 min) into a gif! So supplying the URL I copied and pasted and was able …

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    For my design blitz, I took a lot of photos and asked a few of my family members for some photos that they might have that displayed good design aspects in logos, signs or objects. To start, one of my personal favorites was of my radio controlled buggy. I had …

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    Logo Creation


    For 4 whole stars, I decided to complete the Create a simple logo assignment from the assignment bank. I was orginally going to create my own custom logo or use one of my own drawings as logo icon, but I had wanted to see exaclty what my logo would look …

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    Are We There yet


    The Are We There Yet design assignment seemed pretty simple and straightfoward enough. I already had in my mind that I wanted to be set infront of a cliff that overlooked the sea, as I love the view. There were many to choose from, but I decided to go with …

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    Book Cover: Apocolypse


    For the Apocalyptic book cover assignment, I had created a interesting cover for the title! I haven’t played The Long Dark in a while, but I feel that it fits here perfectly. It’s a survival game that takes place in the Great White North (Canada) where you begin with very …

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    Digital Reflection


    Here, I completed the Digital Reflection where I re-created an image of myself but as a drawing instead of using a camera. I had I had created a brand new drawing based on a photo I had taken some time last year, and there is one more I would like …

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    Long Distance Relationship


    Being in an active long distance relationship myself, I felt that this assignment would have been a perfect topic for me to talk on and a great addition to my blog. The instructions for this assignment, worth 2.5 stars, was a little sparse in terms of what should be designed …

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    May 31, 2019


    This is Paul. Every morning, he wakes up early, has a filling breakfast, kisses his wife goodbye and sits in traffic on his commute. However this part doesn't bother Paul. He is glad to be able to wake up, and do what makes him happy. We should be a lot …

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    May 28, 2019


    Trillions of lightyears away from earth, this is the true beauty of our atmopshere. This is a planet whose night cycles are extremely long. When its sun does manage to stretch its rays to the surface her, the molecules in the atmophere are extremely hyperactive#ds106 #tdc2694 pic.twitter.com/1kmiw6Za6G

    — ShikaF …

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    I’m Here Now


    This is where I am now. I had taken the original photo about two years ago when the weather was beginning to become very cold and I had bought a mask. That winter, the mask had did it’s job and kept my neck and face warm the entire season.

    I …

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