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  1. @faith_martino

    Endless Summers

    How does one simply get rid of a run down boat and make some money? You lie. It will work, because people will definitely not catch on. First you find a website that will allow you to post anything. Then you make up some crazy story that seems totally realistic. But.. you have to post the pictures of the actual boat, otherwise people might be a little suspicious when they show up. Now all you have to do is wait. Wait for someone to respond to your post. Wait. It will work. Original Page Edited Page I chose to create a Craigslist post for this assignment. Throughout the past, I have found some hilarious posts there and thought it would be funny to edit one. I then downloaded Mozilla X-Ray Goggles. While searching for a post, I fond a boat in terrible shape and thought about the different stories that could be told through it.
  2. @Tyra13748487

    A Craigslist Special

    For this assignment, we had to take a website that has already been published and assert our own story in that website. I chose to use an ad from The original ad offered childcare services.         I chose  remixed this ad to offer services for organizing and de-cluttering someone’s home.   …

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  3. @girlycurlyfries

    canvas catering to me

    So far I’m really enjoying these web assignments! It’s pretty neat to be able to manipulate something that you might not be capable of otherwise. I love that so many people used the idea of manipulating Amazon by catering to their interests like Morph Shadow’s costume, or the resume our professor mentioned. I decided to… Read More canvas catering to me
  4. @shleighduque

    Shopping for Magic on Craigslist

    After a few failed attempts at editing other webpages, I ended up remodeling a Craigslist page. Craigslist pages are basic enough to make substantial changes in the content. I’ve been feeling very shpooky lately so I decided to transform the search results of “health and beauty” into “magic and witchcraft”. This was a little difficult because I had … Continue reading Shopping for Magic on Craigslist
  5. @Hannah Woehrle

    Storytelling Within the Web

    When I read the description for this assignment, I knew I wanted to do a parody of a political article, because there’s just so much there to work with. So, I went straight to the Washington Post. After a bit of browsing, I found the article “DeVos rescinds 72 guidance documents outlining rights for disabled …

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