1. @chloversgarden

    Week 3


    There are soooooo many things we did this week! I made seven posts! Thats excluding all the commenting and tweeting! I think this week has been more stressful for me than other weeks will be because I’m in two writing intensive classes already and so when I learned this week …

  2. @chloversgarden

    My Character


    I really liked the character details I was given by the super hero generator, so I’ve decided to make that my character! I’m a huge fan of the cat family (my favorite animal is a lion) so when it told me I was a leopard I was ecstatic! Also …

  3. @chloversgarden

    Shadow Leopard


    I’m awoken at 6pm every day, my instincts wake me. It is time for me to prowl my city, Electric City… it seems so elegant in the dark… I pass my tools from my archaeologist days, I no longer need them, I have the artifacts’ knowledge ingrained in my memory. …

  4. @chloversgarden


    The house owned by my step-grandparents in Kenya

    This summer I visited Kenya with my family! We visited many people and saw many animals, so there are many stories to tell. First we stayed at my step-grandparents house in Nairobi, we got to meet some locals and they taught us …

  5. @chloversgarden

    My Fear’s Fear


    I am the body of water, I am any and all. I watch as the children of the earth come and stomp on my waves, as they pour chemicals into my arteries, as they build up structures to restrict my regular movements. I am afraid of how much they have …

  6. @chloversgarden

    Week 2


    I enjoyed not running around and not making a million new accounts this week!

    The daily creates were by far my favorite, I love the challenge of doing something creative that doesn’t take up too much time as I am a double major and in 8 clubs! The first tweet

  7. @chloversgarden

    Google Draw Game


    I tried the google draw challenge! I did this with a friend and we both found it very amusing. We were surprised by the picture of a cell phone that google couldn’t figure out.

    I will definitely be sharing this and having my other friends try it and compete …

  8. @chloversgarden

    Week 1


    This is HARD. I am not a tech savvy person. It took my hours just to create all the sights, but mainly the domain thing. Then when I went to the Digital Knowledge Center they had to have multiple people working on connecting the sights to my domain. But we …

  9. @chloversgarden

    Legends and Myths




    I have been a fan of reading greek mythologies since a child and I love fairy tales. To clarify, I enjoy fairy tales that are more mystical/fantastic than princess ones, for example The Rainbow Goblins is one of my favorites(I will probably use it for something)! Also my …

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