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  1. @sunglasses260

    Transitions, Transitions, Transitions!

    Try saying that three times quickly! Today I’ll be exploring various video transitions in Adobe Premiere Pro. The ds106 Video Assignment “Favorite Transition” has very simple instructions: Use your editing software of choice to show us your favorite video transition!  2.5 stars I decided to use Adobe Premiere Pro, since that’s newest video software that […]
  2. @ds106_mckayla

    Favorite Transition used in iMovie.

    This is the original link to the assignment and it is worth 2 1/2 stars. I chose two music videos from youtube that were free to download and use. I chose 80s music to go with the theme. I created this in iMovie. I downloaded the free music clips off of youtube onto my 4k video downloader. I decided to start the video with a transition of a door way to show the audience this is the beginning to the video. I then added a title that says, “Hold On” during the first music clip because you are on a

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