1. @JessicaDS106

    Daily Creativity: Week Three


    What a crazy week this one has been! As usual, I’m gathering all of my daily creates from Twitter here in one post! As always, the Daily Creates have been a nice break from my usual coursework. Also, I think there might be a pet related theme reoccurring in my …

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    That Aha! Moment


    Coding and Mathematics

    Logic all falls into place,

    A fulfilling end.

    For my last Writing assignment this week, I chose this assignment to write a Haiku about myself or something I’m passionate about for 2 and a half stars.

    This assignment appealed to me because, even if I’ve always struggled …

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    God of War Review: A Tale of Norse Mythology


    Released on April 20, 2018 on the PlayStation 4, God of War is a sequel to one of the most famous PlayStation exclusive franchises, a game aiming to reboot the former trilogy for the new generation of consoles. In my opinion, any good sequel draws from the success of its …

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    Supernatural: A Road Well-Travelled


    The man that steps into the bar on a Friday night seems an ordinary one as any, as he takes his place at the barstool, ordering a quick drink from the bartender as he catches him walk by. Though, he’s anything but ordinary, in fact, he’s an angel; or perhaps, …

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    Harry Potter and how old were those kids??


    Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. Young boy nearly murdered by a man with no nose, is rescued from his abusive foster parents by a giant, only to be taken to a dangerous boarding school, where he and his friends seek to bypass the school’s deadly booby traps and murder …

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    Weekly Summary: Week 2


    I hope everyone’s getting through the second week of this semester after our day off on Monday! Even with that day off, it’s still been a long week, with a lot of work. This week, I’ve enjoyed being able to pick 3 assignments from the assignment bank from 3 different …

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    Ready to Pounce


    I’m a huge fan of Game of Thrones, so I was very excited to see this assignment in the Visual Assignments section. The assignment was to visit this website, and to create a Game of Thrones house and sigil. To do this assignment, you can select ‘Create My House’ …

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    Daily Creativity: Week Two


    Have you been following me on Twitter? Here’s a post summarizing my short bouts of creativity for the week. I’ve enjoyed this a lot, and even more-so, seeing what everyone else comes up with.

    I’m most proud of my paper shadow ghost.

    It’s almost Halloween, time for a ghost… #tdc2428

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    A Duck’s Favorite Meal


    Does anyone else spend too much of their time feeding leftovers to pets?

    One of the assignments I’ve chosen this week, is a classic: to make a gif of an animal doing something funny. You can see the assignment post here.

    These days, we can’t let a day pass …

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    Weekly Summary: Week One


    The first week of classes is always an interesting one, filled with more chaos then expected while adjusting to new classes and routine. I learned that I’ll really need to focus on time-management this semester, especially to keep up with the fast-moving nature of a course like this!

    Most of …

  11. @JessicaDS106

    A Semester of Legends


    Personally, I’m very excited for the theme of ds106 to be focused on myths, legends, and folklore this semester. I’ve always enjoyed stories that involve some sort of fantasy or suspension of belief over ones that are more realistic. I think there is a certain joy to be found in …

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    Social Media Extravaganza


    Hello fellow Digital Storytelling students and welcome to my various social media accounts! I’m Jessica, a senior with a double major in Math and Computer Science. And while I have experience in coding, it was more difficult than I imagined getting all of these set up, as I don’t have …

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    Hello world!


    Hello Digital Storytelling class! This is my first post on this blog, which will detail my adventures in the class this semster!…

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