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    Second and Final Week of Radio Show


    Well! We finished our radio show! It was a long process, but we did it!! The way we did it was from a few steps:

    We created a google doc and explained/discussed what we would be doing. We then, each on our own, created both our commercial and our radio …

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    Week 7


    This week was actually fun to do!! We got to spend a lot of time planning and figuring out what our radio show will be. I enjoyed it because I got to work with other people, people that I’ve been commenting and replying on on Twitter and the blogs.

    But …

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    Progress of our show!


    As this is week one of working on the radio show, my group and I have thought about a lot. Zae was the one who asked the group of us if we would be in a group. I was very thankful for that because I didn’t have a group really …

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    Radio Show Bumper!


    When considering what I should make the bumper sticker for our radio show, I was thinking about our topic. Our radio show is going to be all about our characters and the stories they tell. Of course I needed to add in a story book in some way. But I …

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    Them Song of Olivia


    The final assignment I chose was one that included my character for the semester. This assignment was the last 3 stars that I needed to complete the 10 stars for the week. The assignment was to find a theme song from a tv show, and explain how it can be …

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    Disney Lyrics, but No Sense at All


    The next assignment that I picked was a Disney one. The assignment was to take lyrics from different Disney movies and put them into a story. Luckily the assignment doesn’t have to make sense at all! This assignment gave me 4 stars.

    “Ready to know what the people know, ask …

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    “Hello” or “Hangry”


    The first of assignments I picked from the assignment bank was to make a parody of a verse of a song. I picked Adele’s song Hello. That one is pretty simple when I was considering a good parody. I am very hungry today, so I decided to make the verse …

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    Week 6 Summary


    This week was pretty easy and light on the work, which of course I very much enjoyed

    I enjoyed the design theme of it. From doing theater in high school, I was always huge on design when creating the set. This allowed me to pick what colors/shapes would be best …

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    Photo Blitz


    This week’s photo blitz assignment took almost all week. I noticed that I spent a lot of time in my Classes looking for the perfect designs to use.

    The first picture is one that shows rhythm. This is because it has a repeated pattern of boxes with flowers in them. …

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    Reading and Reflecting!


    I learned quite a bit from the articles that were given for this week! You can read the main article linked here.

    It explains many different aspects to design. The way he explains it is the easiest of understanding since it is an explanation for kids. I prefer that instead …

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    Postcard From France


    In the assignment bank, I selected the assignment that was to design a postcard for a place. I have always wanted to travel to France and visit the Eiffel Tower! This was the first location that came to mind when I considered what to do for the postcard. I had …

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    Character Design: Olivia


    Here is my character I created, Olivia. As you can tell by the end of her story, she is in total peace. Peace with herself, her friends, and her family. I created her the best way I could and the best way that matched the picture I had of her …

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    Olivia’s Word Chart


    This design Assignment bank was to create a word chart for the character that I created. Olivia, as talked about in previous posts, is a very popular girl. She has many words indicating what she is like as person. Here is a word design that seems to control her whole …

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    Disney Alexis!


    This design assignment bank was very fun!! I got to make my name in a very fancy way. So I did it in no other way than DISNEY!! I love Disney’s writing anyway so I got so excited to see that I could write my name in the same writing!!! …

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    Radio show Ideas


    The radio show that we will be doing seems to be very hard. I have been trying to think what we could talk about in terms of relating it to the class’s theme: Myths

    Maybe about how different myths are portrayed in different cultures Or what’s the difference between actual…
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    Sound Effects Story


    Sound Effects story took me the most amount of time. It was difficult coming up with what story to do let alone actually create it. I decided to do the story of a sports game. I hope it somewhat resembles a game. I’ve been to enough to know!


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    Week 5 Summary


    Well this week was quite the week! The takeaway from it is that I am most certainly not a sound person. Figuring out the application audacity took me at least 2 1/2 days alone! That’s the first thing I did! Download audacity and then the LAME encoder. That wasn’t too …

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    Which Genre’s Better?


    Finding one song sang in 2 different genres is always so interesting to watch. It let’s you have an almost “what if” for the song, like “what if it was sang like this, would it do better or worse?”

    That’s why upon reading this assignment that I thought of, yes, …

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    Calm Beach!


    When I read the assignment from the bank for this week, I noticed the one that said create a place using sound. Of course, the first place I thought of was the beach. It was so easy to make such a calming noise. AND I got 4 stars from it! …

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    Telling a Story Through Sound


    Audio storytelling is a somewhat new idea to me. Of course I’ve listened to the radio and broadcasts. Sound is critical for telling stories, but how do you tell stories through sound only?

    Different sounds create different moods throughout a story. Such as, light and blissful sounds create a very …

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    Week Summary 4


    What. A. Week.

    So I may have made a mistake for procrastinating on this class. It all caught up with me this week. At least I am finishing this class early (not by much, but I’ll take it!). I enjoyed this one a lot more than last weeks because I …

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    Is it a light? Is it a plane? Is it IRON MAN?!


    When I saw the assignment was to find a picture that can be mistaken for a superhero, I went ahead and just started taking pictures. I kept moving my hand quickly hoping that something could come out of the blurred picture. Then when I went to my friend’s house, I …

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    Superheros do what?!?


    When told to get a picture of a superhero doing normal life things, I figured that I could do it. Despite me knowing absolutely nothing about any superheroes. This picture I stumbled upon Superman minding his own business vacuuming his room.

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    What’s in her purse?!


    Now with the way my character is, she has many different items in her purse.

    First off, her purse is very basic, but cute. She wanted one that was small, but she could still have it on her wrist. This is what it ooks like:

    Of course she has all …

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