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  1. @jetjenk43

    Washing Dishes a 2 min+ Silent Documentary

    I did this 4 star “How to”  Documentary.  I did this assignment because I figured it would be neat to record something but not use any sound.  I was going to do a documentary over how to cook food, but I had already started beef and noodles in the crock pot earlier in the day.  …

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  2. @k8lynclements

    Two Minute Cookies with Merciful Mise en Place

    2 Minute Silent Documentary – 4.5 Stars For this assignment I had to make a 2 minute silent documentary about something. I chose to wrap my superhero into this assignment. This is Merciful Mise en Place and her double chocolate chip cookies. This assignment works great for her because of her fast baking skills. She can whip up a meal in no time, or 2 minutes in this case. Her clips were not sped up! That is just how fast she...

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