1. @fatolliecat

    Halfway There


    Semester is halfway done!  This was a busy, short week between making the show and all my other classes. I’m not often (if ever) creative in a group setting, so this was a new experience. It went really well, which was great. It could have gone horribly, which it didn’t. …

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    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…


    I continue my attempts as minimalism. As another professor stressed yesterday, less is more. Whitespace is your friend. I think she mentioned it being soothing? Anyways, I wanted something simple and to the point, and I thought of the movie in four icons assignment. And then, as I was wondering …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    It’s DONE! Yay!

    I had a fun time doing the show. It was nice interacting with the group, and developing our characters. Script writing was a bit like pulling teeth, but I get that. A lot of things really came together kinda late in the game as we were writing …

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    Week 7(?)


    Preeeeetty sure this is week 7. Anyways, we got put together in groups. I like the challenge of random chance. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively in Overwatch. Makes you stretch the proverbial muscles. We have an idea (I think it’s really great), we’ll right the script over the next …

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    I Am Legend


    I am in full blown migraine mode here. I hate existence right now. But it weirdly gave me an idea. Or reminded me of an idea that I had earlier. So, I wrote a post about personal legends. Stories people tell about us, the stories our family and friends all …

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    Week 6


    I started looking at design everywhere this week. Oddly enough, it helped me out a lot with a knitting pattern I’ve been working on (less is good). This look at design has inspired me to try to be more minimalist. I often drive myself and others nuts by trying to …

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    This is my design


    Design is everything. Everything is design.

    It really is everywhere, though. We talk about it in HISP classes, mostly architectural, but occasionally interior as well. Design is what I knit, what I wear, how I arrange my ridiculously large collection of stuffed animals, and those stuffed animals themselves. Designs follow …

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    All Along the Watchtower


    I did this in large part because it will annoy my husband and one of our friends. They play The Game in the car with the station on classic rock: Song title, band, album, year.

    It did hurt me a little to make this. I avoided being too sacrilegious with …

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    House of Memories


    A boy, a girl, a guitar, and the Day of the Dead. One of my favorite movies. Also an exercise in minimalism. I get bogged down in details when I talk about things.…

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    Mmm, delicious unicorn


    I have to give my husband credit for setting this up for me to find. I took and then edited the picture, though. I went with a sort of flowery text to contrast with the horrible (but probably delicious) unicorn meat.…

  11. @fatolliecat

    Breathe the earth



    If you need a ridiculous quote that also makes a concerning amount of sense, InspiroBot is your…bot. I used a picture of water to contradict a quote about air (to breathe), but also that contains Earth, which is in itself a contradiction because Earth is mostly water. I just …

  12. @fatolliecat

    Week 4



    I really love photography. I have an absurd amount of pictures on my phone and laptop. I do the same thing with games-tons of screenshots. Camera phones are one of my favorite ever inventions because of that.

    I discovered Picasa this week, which is awesome. I will make so. …

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    I’m taking back the crown


    I’m gonna gush about American Gods some more. Aren’t you excited?

    As I’ve written before, the use of a visual medium for American Gods is amazing.

    There’s a lot of framing and perspective shots, especially when it comes to Shadow.

    Like, A LOT.

    I’m not kidding. I’ll refrain from putting …

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    Fridge Cat


    Malkav never gave up on his desire to live in the fridge, even after the time when he was a kitten that we didn’t see him in there, and he got shut in. Or when he really got too big to fit in there.…

  15. @fatolliecat

    Glitter, Glitter


    I searched for ‘glitter’ in Flickr. I greatly enjoy glitter. A lot of people hate it, but I like sparkly things. This…looks nothing like it.…

  16. @fatolliecat

    Week 3


    This week, I wrote a lot. I had all of these posts sitting in drafts, because writing can be a loooong process for me. I think about what I’ve written, and sometimes I think of something to add, or a better way to say something, three days later. So we …

  17. @fatolliecat

    If it feels good, tastes good, it must be mine


    There are crackers. So many crackers. Portable, and don’t require heat or cold. Ritz crackers and club crackers. Some of them have bologna, and most of them have cheese. Fake cheese, which I get crap about from my friends, but fake cheese is delicious and I will defend it until …

  18. @fatolliecat

    Tonight, the foxes hunt the hounds


    American Gods is amazing in both print and on TV. It gets very meta at times, as the gods are extremely genre savvy. The most basic premise of the story is how legends are created, live, and die. It’s about what humans do for the gods, and what the gods …

  19. @fatolliecat

    If I can live through this, I can do anything


    Grace sits on the desk at the front of the room, watching her students file out. Her eyes occasionally flicker to the floor, where she dropped half a dozen dry erase markers. She always leaves them where they land. It’s a futile battle to try and hold on to them. …

  20. @fatolliecat

    Promise me a place in your house of memories


    Halloween. I love Halloween, so much. There’s candy (I have a massive sweet tooth), there’s costumes (I like dressing up. I make my own.), and horror movies. I love horror movies. Good, bad, doesn’t matter, I will watch it. There’s pumpkin carving, which is ridiculously fun, partly because it’s so …

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    I can move mountains, I can work a miracle


    I have a lot of favorite historical figures. I figured I’d write about a dude who doesn’t get near enough credit: Martin Luther. This is the guy who called out the Catholic church. He literally made a list of his grievances, and attached it to their front door. That took …

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    Things are shaping up to be pretty odd


    My first name is sooooo frustrating. It was a hugely popular baby name when I was born. I was never the only Jessica in class at school. I think my mom sort of regrets that. My middle name is Carrie, and I would bet money that it comes from the …

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    Last Night’s Clothes And Tomorrow’s Dreams


    I have this recurring dream. It’s The Zombie Dream. And, strangely, it’s not a nightmare. Just a dream that I have every few months. The fine details change (though I can’t remember them, I just know that they are different), but it’s always the zombie apocalypse, I always survive, and …

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