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    The Last Week


    It’s DONE! Yay! I really enjoyed some parts of this class! I may continue doing the occasional Daily Create, and I know some people I am going to pass it along to. I’m very happy with my final project. I had some ideas that I couldn’t make work, but others …

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    Week Pusheen


    I have no idea what week it is. I mean that beyond just this class, I am swamped with the end of the semester. I have typed the word ‘cemetery’ so often I can finally spell it correctly. I needed to text a friend, and I found myself automatically trying …

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    1 second video tutorial


    This tutorial is how to to Video Assignment 213, a one second video that tells a story. Honestly, the technical aspects are easy. Just edit a video down to one second with your preferred software. The storytelling aspect can be quite a bit harder.

    A few things to keep in …

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    I’m gonna change you like a remix


    The remix was to use bad, over-the-top design elements. So I used Comic Sans (the greatest design sin), a bright, eye-searing pink font that blends in with the hearts and is hard to look at, and positioned the text so it’s difficult to read. I also misspelled radiant, but that …

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    Someday I’ll get tired of doing these


    I decided to mash up design2247, design2075, and mashup2151. Since I did mashup 2151 as places I would visit, I thought adding that to this would be funny. And the quote from design2075 is just as ridiculous here as it is in the original picture. I just also really love …

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    If I could fly…


    I would travel. I’d go everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go. I made several of this because I was so pleased with the idea. I would also be able to reach things on high shelves, and I would fly somewhere warm during the winter.…

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    My love is mostly candy based, apparently


    My favorite holiday by far is Halloween. Candy, dress-up, horror. It’s the best. The rest I like pretty much the same amount, although Easter pulls ahead also because of candy. I love Peeps. Way too much. And now they make them for every holiday, but the original Peeps were Easter …

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    Video week involved a lot of video games. I like to template stack. I’ve been sitting on my Overwatch videos forever now. Glad I finally got to use them. That’s mainly why I chose the assignments this week! I really liked the One Second Story video assignment. Playing MMORPGs taught …

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    This Is Halloween!


    Clearly, I play a lot of video games. Guild Wars 2 is the one I play to relax, in my spare time. It is by far my favorite. It’s easy to play, content is easy to access whether solo or group, the community is AMAZING, and their Halloween event is …

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    You and I were fireworks


    This was my Fourth of July this year! I chose this second because you can see not only our final giant fireworks, but also the burned out husks of the smaller ones we set off earlier in the foreground. It tells you a lot about our 4th!…

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    We’re all soldiers now


    This is just…super self-indulgent. But no one ever sees these (except Play of the Game) besides me, so…I had to take the opportunity to share. All headshots are entirely, amusingly accidental, and I have gotten angry messages about that. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively, which is a random hero …

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    Knitting with 5 needles


    Not as hard as it looks (you do get poked a lot though). You only ever actually knit with 2 needles at a time. This is one method of knitting very small circles, like socks. I’m working the toe in this video. Almost done! Except I have to knit a …

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    Week IDK, It’s All Running Together


    The assignments this week were fun. Once I had the idea, I enjoyed altering the web page. The Google scribbles thing was fun, if probably dangerous (we really need to stop teaching computers things). I had waaaaay more fun with using GIFs to tell a story than I thought I …

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    Guess the Story


    A fancy lady


    Her jerk husband


    Unfair taxes


    He dares her to do something about it and she’s like JUST WATCH ME


    A legendary ride


    The origin of the term ‘Peeping Tom’…

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    Dream bedroom


    My Dream Bedroom

    I wish everything would embed the way Twitter and Instagram do.

    I grew up a military brat. We moved a lot, I always had my own room, but not one I could decorate or anything. And now…now I have a husband and cats, and I’m not sure …

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    Majestic land orca on Wikipedia


    This was inspired in part by alternate names for animals (snake = danger noodle), and also by my husband recently nicknaming one of our cats ‘majestic land orca’. Cecil does bear a strong resemblance to a panda, in coloring, body type, and behavior. Also the question ‘Who the hell passed …

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    Halfway There


    Semester is halfway done!  This was a busy, short week between making the show and all my other classes. I’m not often (if ever) creative in a group setting, so this was a new experience. It went really well, which was great. It could have gone horribly, which it didn’t. …

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    Stop me if you’ve heard this one…


    I continue my attempts as minimalism. As another professor stressed yesterday, less is more. Whitespace is your friend. I think she mentioned it being soothing? Anyways, I wanted something simple and to the point, and I thought of the movie in four icons assignment. And then, as I was wondering …

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    Radio Show Week 2


    It’s DONE! Yay!

    I had a fun time doing the show. It was nice interacting with the group, and developing our characters. Script writing was a bit like pulling teeth, but I get that. A lot of things really came together kinda late in the game as we were writing …

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    Week 7(?)


    Preeeeetty sure this is week 7. Anyways, we got put together in groups. I like the challenge of random chance. I play mystery heroes almost exclusively in Overwatch. Makes you stretch the proverbial muscles. We have an idea (I think it’s really great), we’ll right the script over the next …

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    I Am Legend


    I am in full blown migraine mode here. I hate existence right now. But it weirdly gave me an idea. Or reminded me of an idea that I had earlier. So, I wrote a post about personal legends. Stories people tell about us, the stories our family and friends all …

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    Week 6


    I started looking at design everywhere this week. Oddly enough, it helped me out a lot with a knitting pattern I’ve been working on (less is good). This look at design has inspired me to try to be more minimalist. I often drive myself and others nuts by trying to …

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    This is my design


    Design is everything. Everything is design.

    It really is everywhere, though. We talk about it in HISP classes, mostly architectural, but occasionally interior as well. Design is what I knit, what I wear, how I arrange my ridiculously large collection of stuffed animals, and those stuffed animals themselves. Designs follow …

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    All Along the Watchtower


    I did this in large part because it will annoy my husband and one of our friends. They play The Game in the car with the station on classic rock: Song title, band, album, year.

    It did hurt me a little to make this. I avoided being too sacrilegious with …

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    House of Memories


    A boy, a girl, a guitar, and the Day of the Dead. One of my favorite movies. Also an exercise in minimalism. I get bogged down in details when I talk about things.…

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