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    Well, hello!

    This will be a pretty short post. I simply wanted to let anyone who has read my blog know that I will hopefully be putting out more content in the months to come. I’ve completed the ds106 course, but in looking back through my posts, I’ve felt inspired …

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    Weekly Summary (4/16–23/21)


    Week Thirteen (4/16–23/21)

    Links to this week’s posts:

    Project Update #1

    The project update goes into detail about my plans for it and the content I’ll include.

    A lot has happened this week, both in general and in my planning for the project. I’ve done a lot of brainstorming and …

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    Project Update #1


    I’m both excited for and a bit overwhelmed for this entire project. My main element is video, supplemented by audio and visual, as well as web storytelling.

    Media Forms

    I’ve decided for sure that I’ll be making a series of videos as my primary element. In addition, I’ll be making …

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    Mix ‘Em Up


    This assignment was one of my own creation, because I didn’t see anything quite like this in the ds106 assignment bank. It’s pretty straightforward: mashup two songs that are similar to each other (regardless of if it’s the same artist or if the artists are different).

    These are the details …

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    Dylan Elise Reaction


    Earlier this week, as I was looking through the ds106 video assignments, the assignment “DS106ers React!” caught my eye.

    I’ve watched plenty of reaction videos before (usually reactions to music videos or music in general). They’re very entertaining, especially when it’s music I love. Because of this, I decided to …

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    Radio Show Reflections


    This past week, the ds106 class presented our radio shows live on the ds106 radio! I had the opportunity to listen on Wednesday night, and I heard and live-tweeted three shows: A Day in a Pandemic, Walking Memory Ave (my group’s show), and Messy March.

    Here’s my thoughts.

    The first …

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    Project Ideas


    I’m amazed that we’re already more than halfway through the semester. Looking back, we’ve covered so much ground, and I’ve learned so much in terms of digital creation just in these last couple of months.

    Thinking ahead, we’ve got a few weeks in which we’ll be exploring video, remixes/mashups, and …

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