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  1. @eggstve

    Dev log: 2

    Oh boy what a week! Lots of pictures and editing and reading for the end of this week. Though I have some nice results, I can’t say I’m overly proud of what I managed to accomplish this week. I feel like a baby bird that saw some other birds flying, jumped from a branch and […]
  2. @eggstve

    Daily Creates week 1

  3. @JHolburd

    Stories Created from Dailies

    We never knew what was going to happen in our lives. Some young people, early in high school and after, had it all planned out. They set themselves on a trajectory with a plan of education, training, family, maybe the military, where they planned to live and what hobbies they would pursue. And then came […]
  4. @aislingberri

    Daily Creates

    Yay! Daily Create Time! Let me show you what I did. So, Wednesday, I had to essentially just photoshop some crazy glasses onto a photo of myself. Cool, right? Thursday, I had to remix my own DS106 trading card. I...
  5. @jclark22umw

    DIO, Miro, and Cows?


    Week 12 Daily Creates! I enjoyed this weeks options a lot! 04/13/2021: This was product of some pretty standard photo shop 04/14/2021: My phone’s memo pad has a drawing feature, which is how I created this! 04/16/2021: This was tricky, but after a few minutes I came up with a poem I’m proud of!

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