1. @shleighduque

    Week Seven: DJ Ashleigh’s Comeback


    While this week didn’t require any remixing, I did revisit Audacity to layer and edit multiple audio clips. This time, however, I wasn’t granted the “do whatever you want” approach; all creations were part of something bigger and better! I’ve spent this week planning and contributing ideas for a group …

  2. @shleighduque

    Grab a Box of SuperOats!


    I decided to create a commercial as part of my contribution to our group project. I hoped to incorporate the superhero theme while also making something that you might actually hear on the radio. I’ve heard several radio commercials about cars and events. Yet where did my mind go? Food, …

  3. @shleighduque

    You’re Listening to Distress Signal


    Each member of my group was tasked with creating a unique radio bumper for our show. We know that we’ll feature news, games, and callers, so we figured it’d be best to market these details & give potential listeners an idea of what to expect from us. I found a …

  4. @shleighduque

    Distress Signal Promo


    Our group is using the Bat Signal as the foundation for our audio and visual advertisements. To create my first visual ad for the group, I searched for a bat signal photo, then covered the logo with the color of the spotlight in MS Paint. I used Photoshop to add …

  5. @shleighduque

    Week Five: DJ in the Making


    Before this week, I had a general understanding of the importance of sound, but I didn’t realize just how difficult it would be to convey details without the support of any visual or verbal elements.

    I started by listening to “Moon Graffiti” and reflected on how sounds affect …

  6. @shleighduque

    Corny Creates


    My first daily create turned a fun face-mask night into an open spa business. The second involved photo-shopping some kittens in a bottle to convey the passage of time. I ended the week on an especially corny note by chopping up a bunch of Post-its at work to spell “Create”. …

  7. @shleighduque

    Radio Bumper


    Most of the bumpers I remember hearing were quick, animated, and consisted of several vocal effects and fun sounds. I used the first 10 seconds of this video to help inspire the writing and speaking style I’d use. Then I recorded myself with my apple headphone mic.

    Once I had …

  8. @shleighduque

    Tweet Tweet


    I tuned into the radio show on Wednesday evening for an episode of Jessica Jones and really enjoyed the experience. This was my first time live-tweeting and I hope to do it again. I loved the sense of community I felt just from everyone sharing their thoughts in real time. …

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