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  1. rowan_peter (Rowan Peter)

    DS106RADIO bumper – spoken by Dr Oblivion

    When I say I’m in love with #DS106RADIO, you better believeI mean I’m in love with #DS106RADIO. L-U-V. You know, #DS106RADIO is the radio station I’m going to marry. I hope. Because of this giant-sized love, I’m super stoked to learn that #DS106RADIO features as part of Week Four: The sound of science activities for […]
  2. Reverend

    Reclaim Karaoke at the Rockaway Club

    It’s been a little while since I blogged, and that’s due to a combination of factors, including visitors, conference preparation, and a little bit of karaoke experimentation. The last of those will be the focus of this post, cause I’d … Continue reading ?
  3. @nalujoprojects

    We’re Live!

    We could be on the radio?! Seriously though, I really enjoyed tuning in to the radio programs and seeing the live discussion on Discord at the same time. February 8’s show was a great example of audio storytelling, and it was great to see everyone’s analysis. The way the production mixed sci-fi and naturalistic sounds …
  4. @StarTaytu

    Angry Birds

    This Wednesday I had the chance to tune in to the ds106 radio. It was very interesting seeing, well technically speaking… hearing the concepts of audio storytelling we learned about being put into play. The radio broadcast was about a movie made in the 1900’s called The Birds by Alfred Hitchcock. Some concepts that the… Continue reading Angry Birds
  5. @OliviaF98845588

    DS106 Radio

    I tuned in one Wednesday at 8pm for the final ds106 radio session for the week. It was really cool and interesting to hear some of my classmate’s radio bumpers. Shoutout to Emily who said ‘Nights’ by Frank Ocean was your favorite song in your bumper, it’s one of my favorites too. Listening to the ...
  6. @wade_764

    What’s all this #ds106radio chatter?

    What a cool concept, radio for the people by the people! I had a lot of fun listening in the last couple of nights. The biggest thing that I take away from these discussions on Discord is how the added sound effects to the narration bring to life so many emotions. The first night discussed this topic and included segments from radio broadcasts of days old. I was able to find a good copy on YouTube of one of the featured stories. The next night covered more on sound editing and effect but featured more contemporary topics. Overall I thought…
  7. @JHolburd

    Listening to the Rad eeO

    There were seven of us listening to the ds106 radio this evening, Monday, February 7, from 8-9 p.m. Our Professor Paul Bond wove us through the intro and outro (was he also the sound editor emeritus??). Unfortunately, I could not engage in the discussion on Discord. I didn’t receive my invitation in the first week […]
  8. @katiereif6

    The Radio

    So tonight was the only night I was going to be able to listen to the radio show, and of course it’s also the day the RAs chose for my building to have a fire drill, so I missed the first five minutes of the show and was fairly lost and confused...
  9. @Carrie F.

    DS106 Radio

    Unfortunately, I was not able to participate in DS106 radio. Due to my conflicting schedule with my classes and work, I was unable to make it in to listen to everyone’s bumper. However, if we ever get the chance to do this again, I would love to participate share some of my audio creations! Sorry …
  10. @Egon2688

    Hang on

    I participated in the live listening session on Tuesday night 9/21/2021 with ds106 radio. I was in and out of service, therefore, it was a bit difficult to follow along and access Discord. However, I did hear a lot of the nature and natural sound effects they used thought out the 30 minutes session. That… Continue reading Hang on
  11. @PabloMccrimmon

    DS106 RADIO

    I tuned into ds106 Radio on Wednesday evening. I had been making some rice and beans and I enjoyed a bowl of them as the episode began. I heard the jazzy bumper I made played very early on in the episode, which was fun. We listened to an old-school radio play about a creepy, possibly […]
  12. @eendip

    ds106 Live Listening Session

    Unfortunately, I missed out on the live listening sessions earlier this week. From the comments I’ve seen in the Discord, the audio was definitely dynamic and the ambiance of sounds told a story. I saw people describe the sounds as ominous and mysterious. One person even mentioned how the sounds moved directionally and created depth....
  13. @KendraB999

    DS106 Radio

    In this radio discussion, I believe the best part of the experience was getting to see what others think of the different sounds and effects that were going on when listening to the different radio shows. I think that hearing some of the sounds that were being made, was really not what I expected. Some […]

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