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  1. @wade_764

    That’s a Wrap!

    This has been an enjoyable but lengthy class! There were many moving parts, but I definitely think that it was worth all the effort in the end. My final project was fantastic! I have been learning to play the organ for a little less than a year now, and I think I have been making huge strides in progress. I really appreciate the skills that it takes to produce quality YouTube videos!!! There is so much work involved in editing after the video has been shot. While I knew I could accomplish this project, I still think the final product…
  2. @wade_764

    Bringing some joy to the close of the semester!

    Well, we have made it! What a semester, I think this one takes the cake so far! I can definitely say that I have learned quite a lot from this class! For my final project, I decided to spread some joy and play music from an upcoming audition that I have. I was very fortunate to have my friend Roderick help me with the filming for this project. Over the last couple of weeks, while learning more about video editing, I decided I wanted to piece together recordings of my music. I was able to film with multiple cameras, and…
  3. @wade_764

    Birb Outside My Window or Week 12 Summary

    Hey there everybody! This was a fun week of assignments. I learned a lot about video editing, and I now have a better idea of what I want to do for my final project! My daily creates are posted below! My favorite of which is the one with my cat in Jurassic Park III Overall, I know my posts were a bit short, but I think the work I did justifies the more concise text this week. Looking at everyone’s posts, it seems like we are all making a lot of good progress on our work! Keep it up, DS106ers!
  4. @wade_764

    You’re Welcome

    I had a lot of fun with this assignment! I looked up some videos on YouTube on how to do “picture in picture” in final cut pro. It was pretty straightforward from there. The clips I used are linked here and here. I was looking at everyone’s posts so far this week, and I wanted to include what some of my work looked like while cutting up these two clips. The final product is not perfect, I was unsure how to remove the Miley Cyrus audio, but surprisingly, it fits very well! I hope you have a laugh at this…
  5. @wade_764

    Let’s Play Some Vidya Games!

    This assignment was relatively straightforward. I was asked to create a mashup of two video game art covers, and I decided to pick two contrasting genres as I intended to make something that is light-hearted into a darker tale. For the two games, I chose the new Kirby game: Kirby and the Forgotten Land and one of my favorite games: The Witcher III: Wild Hunt. The original covers are shown below. I still, unfortunately, have not gotten the hang of figuring out how to make background layers transparent… I think that’s the terminology. What I have gotten the hang of,…
  6. @wade_764

    T-Minus 4, 3, 2, 1

    I had fun this week making some more video assignments. I’m starting to get the hang of the program I am using. For my daily creates this week, I again stuck with the plan of getting those done as early as possible. The two that were my favorites were the Frank Zappa – Hot Rats one and the “Froget the small stuff.” I was going to post it around somewhere on campus, but for now, it is sitting on my monitor, helping motivate me for the rest of the semester. I’m curious what next week’s assignments are going to be…
  7. @wade_764

    Final Cut is handy!

    The process for making this assignment was pretty straightforward. I was asked to find various clips from movies or tv shows and add music to the background. I decided to take clips from some movies I had rewatched recently. I first found the clips online and downloaded them. The next step was creating a new project and uploading the files to the program. I found it a bit easier to identify timestamps with YouTube and then select the right parts in Final Cut. My favorite feature so far with the program is the ability to extract the audio from a…
  8. @wade_764

    Another Organ Piece

    I am just uploading this one here as an extra. I am still trying to prepare for an audition. I still have a ways to go with this piece, but I particularly like the parts where I play eighth notes in my feet. Learning to play the Organ has been a blast...
  9. @wade_764

    I Hope I Don’t Crash.

    So I decided to put my own spin on this assignment, as I wanted to get outside. I have been working on biking more, even though this semester has been challenging, and it always helps me feel better afterward. So the idea for the assignment was to film myself exercising outside and play music to the video. I realized quickly that riding a bike and having to shift gears and film all simultaneously was probably not the best idea, so it is relatively short. I did find the best audio track to set this video, too, as I really felt…
  10. @wade_764

    Back Again, With More Answers

    I decided to do a follow-up assignment to one I did last week. I am answering all of the remaining questions for this assignment. It was a bit funnier this time around, but I think the person who created the original project did a fantastic job. Their acting skills were over the top =] I did some thinking and talked to several people in the class about different programs everyone has been using for video editing. In the end, I decided to stick with Final Cut Pro, and now I have a better understanding of breaking up the clips and…
  11. @wade_764


    After reading Roger Ebert’s article titled “How to read a movie,” I have learned some new ideas about how movies are edited to emphasize specific emotions and add overall tension to a scene. In particular, the part that he discussed that stood out to me the most was about where the actor is placed in a scene. “In simplistic terms: Right is more positive, left more negative.” This applies to the emotions such as happy or mad, but it can also be used to represent other more figurative ideas such as being in the future or the past, depending on…
  12. @wade_764

    Another great week!

    Wow, this week was busy as usual, but I learned a lot about video editing! This week’s daily creates are linked below. My favorite assignment this week was this one! At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about it, but it was fun to figure out how to edit the video and put everything together. Searching online was helpful as always, but once I had the general idea of how to access the tools on the program, it went together smoothly. This week, the second runner-up was the organ recordings that I made, and I hope that that counts…
  13. @wade_764

    What great ideas!

    Looking over the class’s ideas for a final project was fun! I like the idea of weaving mystery into the projects. This post was great, and I particularly like their vision “to make a story about what would happen if one of the world’s most evil political figures decided to accidentally come back to life in the present day.” I think that would make for an exciting project and would have some funny but probably dark reactions by people. Another great idea was a small group of people in class that want to produce “a multi-media campaign about ocean conservation…
  14. @wade_764

    What an Interview!

    I was asked to answer some questions about a fun video assignment for this assignment. I think I am getting the hang of editing videos slowly in Final Cut Pro, but I was initially lost with how to add a slide with text responses. I realized, why not just make a PowerPoint with the questions and my responses, then take screenshots of the presentation and add that to the video. I must be lucky because this worked! I also figured out how to change the different tools to cut up the original video and insert my pieces. There are so…
  15. @wade_764

    Break time

    I have been looking at some of the other assignments today, and I have another one almost done, but tonight I decided I needed to practice the organ more. I am preparing for an audition, and I wanted to do some recordings. So this is an assignment that I made up. I uploaded these videos into Final Cut Pro and realized that my phone had the video in the wrong position. I found a way to transform the video, but it put it in a square format… I get super nervous playing for others, and surprisingly recording is worse for…
  16. @wade_764

    Slow Motion

    Boy, is this week looking tough! I had a hard time choosing which assignment I wanted to tackle today, but I decided on this one! I found an extension for firefox that allowed me to download YouTube videos, which was helpful, and I wish I had seen that earlier in the semester. It is called “Easy YouTube Downloader Express,” which sounds scammy because it probably is, but hey, I gotta do what I gotta do =] So for this project, I had to edit together some clips and alter the speed of the original clip. I also created a Vimeo…
  17. @wade_764

    We’ve gone plaid!

    Man going into week ten here, this semester has been nuts! This week I learned more about better self-reflecting on my works and learning to accept the more minor mistakes. I enjoyed listening to the radio shows this week! I think everyone is doing great in the class! This week, I particularly enjoyed the Pi day post for my daily creates! I initially forgot the day and decided that March 15th should also be celebrated as Pi plus a hundredth day! As we advance, I hope to do a fantastic final project for the class. I like working in groups…
  18. @wade_764

    Hmmm, I think simplicity helps the final results.

    For this redo assignment, I tried to make another book cover. This is my original post, and I think it turned out fantastic. This is another cover that I have created, but I think it just has too much going on. The book in question is an amazing one and will have a movie coming in the future. Andy Weir has three published books, and his newest is Project Hail Mary. He writes sci-fi stories that revolve around plausible scenarios using real physics. I think that is what piques my interest in his writing style. I like the idea of…
  19. @wade_764

    Project ideas!

    I want to make some short intro music for a radio story. After doing this last project, I think that I enjoy making audio recordings, which will allow me to learn more about recording with audacity. I need to start working on some script for an original story, and I am curious if anyone else would want to work together on another radio broadcast like the last group project? Perhaps this project could turn into some sort of YouTube video. Does anyone know how to make digital animations? EDIT Mar 16th So after talking to some of the people in…
  20. @wade_764

    Boshi’s Island

    Hey everyone, I decided to work on another chrome lab song this week because I enjoyed this assignment! For this one, I decided to stick with the default instrument, the Marimba. The Marimba is a fun instrument with a wide range of notes laid out in the style of a piano. The notes sound different based on wood or synthetic material, but they often take on a fun and distinct tone. They are also an enjoyable instrument to play with others! As I was making this song, it reminded me of a particular character and the games that they…
  21. @wade_764

    Why should you never talk to pi?

    Because he’ll just go on forever! This week I had three daily creates that are as follows: Turning this into a short story is a bit of a stretch, but hey, I gonna go with it! One fateful morning the rock band Hats for the Spacemen decided that enough was enough and that they would finally release their next long-awaited album. So they rushed into the study with creativity on the brain and their hearts full of imagination! The band consisted of two members, Neil and Buzz. They had just solved the latest algorithm that would enable light-speed travel to become a…
  22. @wade_764

    Coroner’s Tale Reflection and The Death of the Painter

    Tonight was a lot of fun! I was very pleased with listening to the final product of both my group’s radio show and another group in class! Coroner’s Tale was incredible! They did an excellent job with sound effects, and the atmosphere was over the top! The different voice effects were done so professionally! What I liked most about this story was how it hooked me into wanting more of its crazy and dark tale! The commercials were also great and kept the same dark humor tone. I felt the isolation, and I think some inspiration was taken from the movie Alien?!…
  23. @wade_764

    My posts

    Hey everyone! What a week, I’m starting to sound like a broken record… So, Monday night, Radio7, the group I am a part of, all met up at the HCC to record our parts for this week’s radio show! The final result, I think, turned out well, primarily because of the planning that went into it! I don’t think we would have had as much success if not for that planning. So taking away this week with the creative process, I learned that for group projects to succeed, there has to be some time spent discussing who is doing what…
  24. @wade_764

    this week

    is the premier of Death Of The Painter! I am impressed with the results looking back at this show! I hope that everyone in my group is also equally pleased, and I think everyone did a fantastic job with their parts! Please enjo...
  25. @wade_764

    are short!

    Hey, back again! I had a great week, and I am glad to be finished with 3 of my course projects, all due the same week. It’s relieving to have that in the past, but I am proud to see the results of my hard work. I did my daily creates over the spring break, so I hope that was not cheating, but it will be nice to get back on to that next week! I am looking forward to listening to everyone else’s radio shows. I am sure they are excellent! Till then, see you all next week DS106ers!
  26. @wade_764

    I need a break!

    Good morning DS106! I’m glad that midterms are coming to a close. This week our group made a lot of good progress on the radio show. I also made some fun commercials that, while challenging, turned out great and helped ease some of my stress this week.I think the radio show will turn out well, and I am looking forward to seeing what everyone else has created. For this week’s daily creates, I did these! My favorite was the real-life cartoon character of Homer Simpson, followed up by the video on perception. I hope everyone is doing well with classes,…
  27. @wade_764

    Ross, Bob Ross!

    Coming soon to theaters never is the new exciting commercial for Bob Ross’s silver screen debut! I made a hilarious commercial inspired by various ’80s and 90’s action movies for this assignment. I was again able to find all of my audio from these two excellent websites. Audacity is fun, and I think after you hear the final result you will see just how much I enjoyed making this! It’s fascinating how just adding a few sound effects and having a few characters to a background track turn out to be something that sounds professionally done! Maybe I’m…

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