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    comments week 12

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    Commentary 11

    by http://ds106.thedailyhay...
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    Final Ideas:

    Full honesty I have no clue what story I want to tell the world about, my biggest concern right now is all the work I have to do right now. But I may want to tell a story about one of the oldest dogs at the place I volunteer. I really have no idea whatRead more "Final Ideas:"
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    Xena’s Second Chance

    This week we were given the change to revamp and redo some assignments that we crated in the past. I decided to redo my motivational poster design assignment. This choice was not because my Fluffer post was not good. The reason is due to something amazing that happened in our community recently. For some timeRead more "Xena’s Second Chance"
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    Radio Show Promo Progress Report update on our radio show progress! I can picture the whole episode from just that one line — Kayla Havert (@KHavertDs106) October 14, 2021 Did you take this picture yourself?— Kayla Hav...
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    This week my group met up on Wednesday afternoon and got almost everything done. During this time we planned the audio arrangement for the radio show. Once we figured that out, we got to recording each persons story one by one. Once everyone finished recording Mason emailed each of our story audios to us toRead more "Progress:"

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