1. @tifamonster

    My Final #ds106 Project


    It’s time. Time for my last and final work of #ds106. For this project, I decided to tell the story of my parents. You can read more about it here. Anyways, short story short, I wanted to introduce them to you all and explain why and how they inspire …

  2. @tifamonster

    Dear Future #ds106 Students…


    You have enrolled in possibly one of the best courses available at UMW! Congratulations!

    You’re probably wondering what the heck is #ds106? If you were like me, you might of just enrolled in the class because it fit a general education requirement and it’s online, which is a plus because …

  3. @tifamonster

    Progress Report #2


    Last week I introduced my idea for the final project and laid out what I wanted to do. This week I have gone further into depth by creating my project. I stated I wanted to use visual, writing, web, and video to go about creating it. This week I am …

  4. @tifamonster

    From the Child of Immigrants


    All week I wondered what story can I possibly tell? At first I thought why not bring all of the assignments I have worked on all semester into one story and create the story of what #ds106 means to me, but after carefully considering this all week I decided that …

  5. @tifamonster

    Week 13 Summary


    At my first glance of this week, I was intimidated especially by the required web assignment and creating a story around my daily creates, but at the end of the week, it turns out the assignments were not to difficult, maybe other than the web assignment. Anyways, here they are.…

  6. @tifamonster

    My Internet Resume


    This assignment looked confusing and difficult at first glance, but after reading the information provided and downloading the tools recommended, I got it… sort of. I first tried creating my resume on Amazon as shown in the example, but the page decided to refresh twice during my attempt at creating …

  7. @tifamonster

    Daily Creates for 4/15


    For the daily creates this week, we had to create a story around them. At first I was sort of intimidated about the assignment, because how am I suppose to create a story around three different daily creates, but thankfully, I got it. Here goes something… not nothing… because it’s …

  8. @tifamonster

    C Ya Later


    C ya later, while running, of course. Get it? I try my best to make creative titles. For this assignment, we were required to go on a run and record where we went, using a tracking app.  Well lucky for me I walk my dog daily, ChiChi, and today I …

  9. @tifamonster

    Now Applying!


    That’s right folks, longtime independent saloon owner, Riza McHale is looking for a new job. After selling the McHale saloon to a close friend, I am now actively looking for a job with similar objectives as my previous company. I have attached my resume below. If any of ya’ll see …

  10. @tifamonster

    My Space


    Not MySpace, the social media, but my space as in my room. Eh, eh, see what I did there? For this web assignment we had to create our dream room, and lucky for me, I already had a board on Pinterest of my dream room. I did a few pins …

  11. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary 12


    This week is over and I can gladly say, this week was by far has been the easiest week in #ds106. I really enjoyed the variation in mashup/remix assignments.

    I started off the week by completing my daily creates.

    Daily Creates for 4/8

    I then worked on creating a tutorial …

  12. @tifamonster

    Chilling Like a Villain


    As the title suggests, he’s just chilling like a villain. For this assignment we were required to do a side by side comparison of an emoji and a person. Here they are.

  13. @tifamonster

    Unusual City Picture


    I took a picture from Breakfast at Tiffany’s and added a giant horse to it. The picture I chose was a city and I added a giant horse, because a normal sized horse would be eh. It would be normal, because in NY you can still find horses, but a …

  14. @tifamonster

    3 in 1


    For this mashup assignment, we were required to combine three of our favorite holidays into one picture. To do so, I chose Halloween, Christmas, and Easter, and looked up pictures on Google pertaining to all three. I made sure they had a transparent background and brought it all together on …

  15. @tifamonster

    Go Vote!


    Okay, so for this visual assignment I had to choose an image and add text in some way which read “Go Vote” but then I remixed it and I was told to contradict myself. At first I was confused, but then I got it. I created an ad to go …

  16. @tifamonster

    My Life


    For this writing assignment, I was instructed to write about where I see myself in ten years, whether a letter or goal list, but when I remixed this assignment, I was told to add a backstory, so what I thought would be the best idea was to tell you a …

  17. @tifamonster

    Daily Creates for 4/8


    Here are my daily creates for week 12 ending on 4/8. I first worked on creating my own billboard (which had to have me in it somehow and I used my arm) to advertise Lima, Peru, a country which I have visited various times. The second daily create I completed …

  18. @tifamonster

    Tutorial: How to be Yourself


    Well, that’s an odd title, but essentially, that is what I am here to teach you how to do today. Today you will be learning the essentials in… (drum roll)… how to record a day in the life! You can view the one I created here.  To make this tutorial …

  19. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary 11


    I am GLAD this week is over. 16 stars worth of video assignments killed me. But I did have fun completing the assignments, and I would HIGHLY recommend you check them out, because (honestly) I had a great time doing them. Anyways, here are this week’s assignments.

    A (Not So

  20. @tifamonster

    Riza McHale’s Life


    For this assignment, we were required to create a 2 to 3 minute documentary based on someone important. I took this opportunity to expand on my western character, Riza. As someone who loves to create stories, I found it fascinating to create a documentary around a character I created.

    To …

  21. @tifamonster

    A (Not So Typical) Day in My Life


    WOAH! That’s what I must first say for this assignment. When I first saw this on the video assignment bank, I got so excited. As someone who loves to watch daily vlogs on youtube, I was glad to see this was an option for this week’s video assignments! I saw …

  22. @tifamonster

    PSA: Buy Local!


    For this assignment, we were required to create a public service announcement, whether funny or serious. I took this opportunity to create a PSA for my Western character, Riza, who is a saloon owner. In this video, she complains of supermarkets which are running her business out of business.

    When …

  23. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary 10


    This week really got to me. I started off the week early by planning out what I wanted to complete each day, but family emergencies forced me to have to work on my work all within the last two days. My Thursday and Friday basically consisted of class and homework. …

  24. @tifamonster

    Django Unchained


    This week we had to read upon various articles, as well as watch clips which analyze different films. When I first saw the assignment details, I thought it was going to take forever, but in reality, it did not. I first read all required text and watched films. I took …

  25. @tifamonster

    10 Stars of Video Assignments


    This week we were assigned to complete 10 stars worth of video assignments. I have linked them both below with a little description.

    The first one I completed required I create a product commercial. Considering I had just gone to Wawa and bought a Peach Iced Tea, I decided to …

  26. @tifamonster

    Wild Beast on the Scene!


    For the mandatory video assignment, I decided to complete “What’s the Weather in your Neck of the Woods?” starring my dog as a wild beast and I as the the news reporter. I first scripted what I wanted to say. Then I got my boyfriend to hold the camera for …

  27. @tifamonster

    Weekly Summary 9


    This week was easy compared to previous weeks. I planned out my work through out the week so I would not have to cram at last minute and to make sure I could comment daily. Below I have listed the work I completed for this week.

    I started off the …

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