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How La Señora Luz Met Pipo

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A few weeks into the semester, I introduced La Señora Luz. If you missed that post, you can find it here. Well, for this week’s assignment, I wanted to bring back La Señora Luz and tell a story from her perspective. Though she had many stories to tell, she decided to tell me the story of how she met her talking snake, Pipo.

To do create this video, I first wrote out what I wanted La Señora Luz to say. I then looked for images that represented what she was saying. I added the images in order on iMovie and then added a voiceover of what was written out (I included a transcript below the video).

Since La Señora Luz is a fictional character created by me, I wanted to speak in another tone while recording the voiceover. I didn’t want it to sound like me. So I did exactly that. I recorded in a different voice as to not sound like myself.

After everything was completed, I exported the video and uploaded it to YouTube.


“A story, eh? I have a good one.

A few years ago I was walking around my house when something slithered under my feet. You see, here in the village, there is no need for shoes. I want to be tough. I want tough feet. Well anyways, I screamed and when I looked down, well there was a little snake.

I looked at him as I jumped away and his gave me this look – sort of like puppy eyes. I instantly fell in love. I picked him up and asked him what his name was, like you as a baby. I said, “Hey little guy. What’s your name?” To my surprise, he responded. He said his name was Pipo.

From that day on, Pipo and I did everything together. We’d hunt, cook, take naps, scare the children of the village. He became my best friend. Ah, Pipo.”

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