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  1. @faith_martino

    Final Project

    First I recorded myself saying the ransom note. Then I used Audacity to edit my voice tone into a scarier sound. I then uploaded it onto my Soundcloud. ...
  2. @faith_martino

    Final Project Proposal

    My story is that my character, Kira, has been captured. They want $5,000,000 or they will kill her. I will be using video storytelling, audio storytelling and web storytelling to complete my final project. I am most nervous about the audio as ...
  3. @faith_martino

    Endless Summers

    How does one simply get rid of a run down boat and make some money? You lie. It will work, because people will definitely not catch on. First you find a website that will allow you to post anything. Then you make up some crazy story that seems totally realistic. But.. you have to post the pictures of the actual boat, otherwise people might be a little suspicious when they show up. Now all you have to do is wait. Wait for someone to respond to your post. Wait. It will work. Original Page Edited Page I chose to create a Craigslist post for this assignment. Throughout the past, I have found some hilarious posts there and thought it would be funny to edit one. I then downloaded Mozilla X-Ray Goggles. While searching for a post, I fond a boat in terrible shape and thought about the different stories that could be told through it.
  4. @faith_martino

    Weekly Assignments

    by I am not sure why, but it would not let me embed the website into my blog. I have recently been on a Grey’s Anatomy kick and decided to make the quiz on the characters. Greece. I have been there once and stayed for five months. I was there for work and was not able to explore much. I would love to be able to explore through all the non tourist spots.
  5. @faith_martino

    Thoughts on Design

    Design. How does one define that simple word? In another life, I think that I would want to be a Graphic Designer. I looked at two articles this week that analyzed design. The first article was written by Massimo Vignelli titled The Vignelli Canon...
  6. @faith_martino

    Design Time

    Typography is a form of design that arranges typed words into an art form. For this beautiful picture above, the artist used the quote “Nothing is impossible, the word itself says I’m possible.” to create a poster of Aubrey Hepburn. This worked extremely well because it used the art form and her own quote to make the piece. Dominance is the focal point of an image. The entire photograph above scrams dominance. But her eyes are the dominant element. Colors are a huge part of peoples lives. They hold meaning and tell stories. These colors above represent America and everything that we stand for as a country. Minimalism is a beautiful art form. This book above is a perfect example of how an extremely simple design can stand out so much.
  7. @faith_martino

    Week Four Summary

    Visuals of Storytelling This week has been super exciting and filled with amazing adventures! I love how much I learned by reading through each article and by analyzing my own photography. Stories through the lens Photoblitz Oh man this was a fun assignment! I was very confused at first with how the best way was to complete it. I actually started it a few different nights, but got nervous before finally getting the courage. Fast Photography Weekly Assignments Daily Creates Question of the week There were so many amazing stories and photography! I was inspired be everyone’s hard work and creativity. I really appreciated the stories that were personal and reflected peoples lives. I tried extremely hard to tell a story through each photograph I took this week, whether for class or not.
  8. @faith_martino

    Fast Photography

    Musical Photo Quick Photo Texture or Dimension I was a little confused with this one. I did not understand what kind of picture I was meant to take. So I took one with lots of texture, then one with Little Rosie compared to a book for dimension. Human Hand Destruction My take on destruction. It gave me anxiety; I had to clean afterwards! Pattern Crowd I did not have a crowd to photograph, so I was creative and made a flower crowd! Final I had a ton of fun with this project! I was super interesting to try and use all the ways of being a better photographer while being on a timer. Unfortunately, I could not find a code anywhere on the page.
  9. @faith_martino

    Week Three Summary

    This week was much more time consuming than the weeks before. Which is not surprising as we are getting farther into the semester. It definitely pushed my creative writing side more than it has ever been pushed. I really enjoyed learning more about myself and writing. Honestly, I am glad that this week is over! I did learn quite a lot about storytelling and am excited to incorporate into future assignments. I loved reading through everyone’s blogs and their stories. All were super interesting. I really appreciate the work that each of my classmates have put into their assignments. It is amazing that I am getting to know each of them all through digital communication. Digital Storytelling Research Character Dossier Weekly Assignments Daily Creates Question of the Week
  10. @faith_martino

    Kira Villiani

    Kira was born in Portofino, Italy and was abandoned as an infant. The only connection she had to her past was a gold locket that was left in her basket as a baby. She grew up in an orphanage along the coast in the village. There she was raised by Mrs....
  11. @faith_martino

    Little Rosie

    The people I live with call me Little Rosie, so I suppose that is my name. There are three people I live with; my mommy, my daddy and my aunty. But my daddy is away on a very important mission. Some things you might want to know about me. One, something is attached to my butt. I do not know what it is, but it is fun to chase and chew on. Two, I really like to eat and chew on plastic things around the house. It makes my family mad and I think it’s funny. Three, my favorite thing of all time is having my neck scratched. And four, I am a secret agent working for my mommy. My days are filled with very important secret agent tasks. First, I do surveillance around Headquarters by walking around my block sniffing everything and marking our territory. While my mommy and aunty get ready to go to their undercover work, I eat my sustenance for the day. I then keep an eye out for them while they eat their sustenance. Both mommy and my aunty leave for their secret assignments around the same time. It is me, Little Rosie, who has the most important job. Guard Headquarters. Throughout the day there are many dangers I must fight off. Since we send messages to other secret agents, I have to make sure I watch for the message man who takes our messages and bring us new ones. When he comes, I let him know that all is well and he can do his job. If I am not there, then he will think something bad happen and will not leave our new messages. Pretty soon after that, my mommy comes home. We go on a surveillance walk to make sure that we have not been found out yet. Sometimes mommy has to run errands which means that I am back on guard duty. It is always a long day, but I know my mommy and aunty have long days too. My aunty gets home later, normally after dinner. She then has a ton of paper work to do. My mommy needs a lot of sleep for her long days, so she goes to bed while aunty keeps working. I help her by guarding her so that she does not have to worry about the bad guys finding us. It is hard to keep up my energy, but it’s the life of a secret agent.
  12. @faith_martino

    Week Two Summary

    This was such an exciting week! I learned quite a lot and was able to meet so many people by reading posts. Looking ahead at the coming weeks, I think I am most excited about Week 4: Photography, Week 6: Design and Week 9: Web storytelling. I really enjoyed customizing my blog site! At first I was not sure how I wanted it to look like. I went through quite a few themes before choosing Ashe! I was going to try and go with darker colors and an undercover theme, but I was not happy with my blog when I had that. As I am sure you all can tell by now that I love sunflowers.. they make me so happy! So I went with a sunny atheistic, mirroring my personality. I am still trying to figure out the menus. I would like to add a few for better organization. Weekly Assignments The three weekly assignments a chose were extremely fun to complete! They definitely pushed my knowledge of digital storytelling, which made me even more excited for the rest of the semester. I was able to explore Photoshop more than I ever had in my entire life, and I love it! Web Assignment: Visual Assignment: Design Assignment: Daily Creates Participation I really enjoy looking at everyone’s work and reading my classmates blogs! It was interesting to try and keep up with this portion. I felt like I kept getting lost on the website’s main page, not remembering how far I had scrolled down or who’s blog I had looked at. Also, I was not sure the best way to put all of my comments in this blog post. Was I supposed to save all of them? Maybe next week I will create my summary post in the beginning of the week and put all the links in it as I comment. Also, do I need to add all my participation? Should I be adding my Twitter and Instagram comments as well? I ended up not adding any, so we will see how next week goes. Question of the Week
  13. @faith_martino

    Tattoos That Describe You

    I love tattoos! If I had more money I would be covered in tattoos! For the process, I found a drawing of a sunflower then added a few more details. I then played around with photoshop, changing colors and styles. I am not experienced with photoshop, so it was a huge learning experience for me! I am not sure why, but for some reason I really struggled getting the green shade that I wanted. But I am still happy with the way they turned out! Do you guys have a favorite? Which variation should I get?

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