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  1. paul bond

    Top Secret!

    Restricted information: Security clearance level 3 The data below was intercepted from ds106 communications: Further details on these individuals has been located. Familiarize yourselves with the information. This message will self-destruct in five se...
  2. @JasmineAlanis2

    Code Name: Mona Lisa (&Becky)

    Name: Jess Carter Code Name: Mona Lisa & Becky Date of Birth: 12/12/1990 Place of Birth: New York Occupation: Curatorial Marital Status: Single Physical description: Green eyes, black curly hair, 5’5 Bio: Jess Carter is an only child from divorced parents. She attended Columbia University in New York where she received her undergraduate degree in Art
  3. @faith_martino

    Kira Villiani

    Kira was born in Portofino, Italy and was abandoned as an infant. The only connection she had to her past was a gold locket that was left in her basket as a baby. She grew up in an orphanage along the coast in the village. There she was raised by Mrs....
  4. @hannahkolkmeyer

    Mila Tate, Ordinary Girl with a Not so Ordinary secret

    Mila is no average girl, she is small pale skin dark hair, piercing green eyes and the meanest right hook you have ever seen. Mila family and friends, including her husband all believe that her job as military civilian contractor is just as ordinary as her life. Little do they know the secret underground agency …

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  5. @caholt2000

    A Sticky Situation

    How did Sammy A. Squirrel become Agent “Skippy” Squirrel? Our story starts on April 7, 2010, the day Sammy A. Squirrel was born in Central Park. You may be wondering what his middle initial stands for. It does not stand for anything (until Sammy changed it to Agent later). Not much happened when he was

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  6. @christinac106

    The Names Juliet

    I’m Juliet Stones. That is Princess Juliet Stones of Cambridge. Yeah I know, how can a Princess double as a secret agent? Well listen up because I’m only going to tell this story once. On a chilly new years eve day back in 1995 I, Juliet Stones, entered the world. You’re welcome. Born in London […]
  7. @bfrullads106

    The 6.1 Million-dollar man

    Son of Colt and Kathryn Luger, Richard ‘Rich’ Lancer grew up on the south east side of Boston. As anyone who was there in the early 70s will tell you, it wasn’t a nice place. Richard and his family grew up near Little Italy. His parents were killed by the mafia when his father refused […]
  8. @CommTweetWithMe

    Case: Open

    The Names Case…Justin Case. Justin Case was born Justin Time on January 1st, 1984 in Detroit, Michigan to Lisa and Gary Time. Lisa and Gary always struggled financially and were never well off. Gary struggled to hold a job and constantly had to ask for loans from family friends in order to feed his family. […]
  9. @ldeitrick


    Valerie was found in the Russian Mountains of Siberia as a young child. At the time, Valery Kryachko, a Russian mineralogist was panning for platinum when were saw her. Unable to communicate with the toddler or locate any signs of parents or a home, Kryachko took the girl and the few rocks he had collected …
  10. @Maggieo_13

    Super Nova: Origins

    Bob Star a owner of a Planetarium in the small town of Starways Oregon right outside Portland harbors a unique secret. A secret only he knows. His secret you might ask is that Bob Star is none other the Super Nova the rogue superhero who lurks in the night illuminating evil as it hides in […]
  11. @Ms_AmandaP

    The Beast

    The cool, salty air blew against his face as he stepped out the front door onto the porch. “Here we go, day one,” he thought to himself as he paused for a moment before continuing off the porch, down the steps and into the back seat of  his mom’s four door sedan. “Great, first day […]

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