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    Final Crisis Post #3


    Hello Everyone,

    I decided to combine both my third and fourth posts into one; I thought it would be easier and more effective to include the conclusion at the end of this post. For this post, I decided to focus more on the image telling aspect of our course, I …

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    Final Crisis Post #2


    For my second post, I made use of FMT software, free sound.org as well as other screen recording devices to develop this post. This post is centered around the audio aspect of our course but will be supported through web narration as well; just to give the audience some background …

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    Final Crisis Post #1:


    Hello Everyone,

    For my final project, I will be focusing on my my superhero Brantford Titansworth, who I created out of inspiration earlier this semester who has been continually developing throughout the semester. Brantford will save Fredericksburg from disaster after the iconic bridge collapses after a massive earthquake shook the …

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    Week 13 Progress Report


    For my final project, my superhero Brantford Titansworth will save Fredericksburg from disaster after the iconic bridge collapses due to unforeseen circumstances. There is a train scheduled to pass over within the hour, and nothing can be done to stop the ultimate nightmare…except for Brantford. My hero possesses an insurmountable …

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    Final Crisis


    For my “final crisis” I originally found myself somewhat confused on the assignment, I was unsure what exactly I was supposed to come up with but based on the description it will be a combination which touches on all aspects of what we have worked with during class; audio, video, …

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    Week 8 Reflection


    Hello Everyone,

    tonight I have concluded my work for the second half of our Radio Show Project. So far, I have really enjoyed working on this assignment and I’m excited to see what our final product will look like!

    I think we had a very productive week as a group, …

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    Radio Show Week 2 Progress


    Hello Everyone,

    for this post I intend to report on my second week of progress for my group’s radio show. Overall, I think we had a very productive week as a group, we were able to tackle the workload and came up with some great results! For my opening, I …

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    Week 7 Summary


    Hello Everyone,

    tonight I have concluded my work for the first half of our Radio Show Project. So far, I have really enjoyed working on this assignment and I’m excited to see what my group can come up with. I was able to get into a group by Monday and …

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    Make Your Own Mixtape!


    Hey Everyone,

    for my next assignment, I decided to create my own mixtape on Soundcloud. Soundcloud allows users to easily compile and produce customizable playlists of sounds; I have been making my own for years now so I decided to make one with a couple tracks of songs I’ve been …

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    Modifying and Original Sound


    Hello everyone,

    for this assignment, I decided to modify and edit an original sound. I chose to make an edit to Basic Tape’s remix of “Grades” by King. I put this song into reverse using Audacity and also changed the pitch, bass, and treble.

    here is the link to my …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Our group got off to somewhat of a slow start, I think everyone has been tied up with with midterms this week before break so it’s been a challenge coordinating everything. After getting everyone’s contact info we were able to create a google doc and really got the ball rolling. …

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    My Group Logo (Promo)


    Hello everyone,

    here is the logo I created for my groups radio network, S.C.A.R. which stands for “Superhero Crimefighting and Reporting” network. 

    I created this logo with the help of logodesign.org. The site contained numerous examples for company logos and even had a logo generator where you could design & …

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    My Character Tattoo


    This portion of the assignment was definitely my favorite! I was able to create/locate an icon which accurately reflects my fictional superhero- Brantford Titansworth. I chose this design to convey his overall dominance, as Brantford is a beast and he should have a tough tattoo that reflects such.

    Here is …

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    Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou Reflection


    For the first portion of the assignment, I chose to view and reflect upon Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s analysis of design elements used throughout comics. The ways in which Dillion uses facial expressions, body language and varying sources of framing to portray a storyline was very intriguing. The main thing that stuck …

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    Washington D.C. Postcard


    For this portion of the assignment, I created a postcard for my favorite and hometown city, Washington D.C. I created this using psprint.com. Unfortunately, the website would only give me a fractured sample of my template unless, I signed up for a yearly subscription.

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    For my design blitz assignment, I decided to compile a series of images from my trip across Italy. These are some of the most unique and high quality photos I possess, so I thought they would be an interesting subject to share.

    Unity is the “concept of unity describes the …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    Today I finally wrapped up with week 5 for my DS106 Digital Storytelling class. It was Audio week, so this past weeks assignments were very entertaining!

    The first thing I did was download Audacity. I watched some youtube videos on separate tutorials for working with the software.

    After doing …

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    Radio Show Brainstorm


    Here are some Radio Show ideas for a 20-30 minute show:

    Discuss our favorite superheroes and when we were interested in them. Talk about reoccurring themes throughout their stories and mention any of them that were made into movies. For the ones with movie deals, discuss which ones are special…
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    Sound Effects Story


    For this assignment for week 5, I created an audio story consisting of a hypothetical day during a summer construction job. The first sound I used was one of a monster waking up and yawning followed by the shower turning on. This was followed by banging and a car door …

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    Radio Tweet-Along


    For this portion of the assignment, I listened to Thursday nights s106 live broadcast and sent out several tweets throughout the show. I did not know what to expect going into this assignment, but I was surprised to see that we were going to listen to some old Batman CD’s. …

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    My Experience With Photography


    Write a blog post (tag: photoreflection) about your previous/current experience with photography. Do you take a lot of photos now? What of? Do you have a particular approach to taking photos? Do you ever work to capture a particular feeling or meaning in your photos? If so, how successful …

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    Week Three Summary


    Tonight I completed the assignments for my third week in DS106. I enjoyed this week a lot more than the first two weeks as I have been able to further develop my site, I also enjoyed the writing activities we were assigned as well.

    The first part of the work …

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    My Character Dossier


    For my character I created, I decided to name him Brantford Titansworth, who is secretly a man named Peter Bourgeois. Peter was born on June 21st, 1996, but other than that his origin is unknown. He has no known parents, he raised himself and possesses unmatched intelligence- something along the …

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    Daredevil vs the Vonnegut Method


    Daredevil, a Marvel show featured on Netflix, is in my opinion in line with the Vonnegut method as described in the video. Kurt Vonnegut describes a rise and fall pattern in which there are rises and falls in adversity throughout the superhero’s story. Daredevil, the main character in the …

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    September 8th Weekly Summary


    My second week of Digital Storytelling truly showed me how much work this class requires but I can definitely say I enjoyed it.

    The first part of the assignment that I addressed was reading through the google doc which assigned me to the “Audio” group. The document explained the goals …

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    House Burns: Ever Ready


    Hey Everyone,

    for this visual assignment, I chose to create my very own Game of Thrones house and Sigil. In order to successfully and appropriately complete this task I used the website jointherealm.com to design my Sigil.

    Here is what I came up with:

    When creating the design of my …

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