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  1. @KaseyMayer

    Fighting Global Warming

    For my final assignment, I chose to focus on the real world villain of global warming. My character, Weather Woman, has made an appearance for several other eco-friendly assignments so I thought I would end with a myriad of global warming information and PSAs. Visuals […]
  2. @KaseyMayer

    Supergirl Commentary

    After reading on video analysis, I decided to take a look at show I wasn’t familiar with and watch the first episode so that I could look at it with a clean slate. I ended up choosing Supergirl because I’ve been looking to start the […]
  3. @KaseyMayer

    Art in Six Seconds

    For my first assignment I chose an art in 6 seconds assignment worth 4 stars. The directions were simple, make a 6 second video creating something. #6secondcreation #ish #really10secondsbutitried #ds106 — Kasey Mayer (@KaseyMayer) November 3, 2017 I chose to create a fortune teller […]

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