1. @KaseyMayer

    Fighting Global Warming


    For my final assignment, I chose to focus on the real world villain of global warming. My character, Weather Woman, has made an appearance for several other eco-friendly assignments so I thought I would end with a myriad of global warming information and PSAs.


    First I completed a few …

  2. @KaseyMayer

    So You’re Thinking of Taking DS106?


    The benefit of taking online classes is that you can generally work them around your schedule. This is especially true for a class like this one where everyone has the same standard due date each week. If you have a lot of free time in the beginning of one week …

  3. @KaseyMayer

    Crisis Aversion Plan


    My character, Weather Woman, generally deals more in the real life than superhuman beings so I decided to go more with real life crises for my final project. The different mediums I will be using are visuals, audio, and design.

    For the designs, I will formulate them around Weather Woman’s …

  4. @KaseyMayer

    Mixing It Up In Week Twelve


    Let me start off by saying that I apologize, because I did not do a good job of reading the assignment directions. I realized a couple issues when I read through the the Weekly Assignments post again. I did not connect any of my original mashup assignments to my character …

  5. @KaseyMayer

    Weather Woman Drowning Her Enemies


    Upon going to this weeks assignment post to make sure I had done everything, I noticed that my mashup were supposed to be related to my character. Since my other 12 stars of assignments did not I decided to do a fourth assignment with my character. I created a new …

  6. @KaseyMayer

    Pollock Hurricane Ispiration



    I pulled inspiration from the painting Full Fathom Five by Jackson Pollock.

    Earlier in the semester I created a sound sample of my character’s, Weather Woman, power using only things right next to me. For this remix, it said to pull inspiration from a Jackson Pollock painting. I …

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