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  1. @madeleine_ds106

    Where my Shoes take me!

    In this final assignment for this week I chose an assignment that required me to record where my shoes take me in a day. I had to record myself walking all day and then edit all the clips into one video. In the video you see me getting breakfast, walking to class with my cup of coffee, walking to my car after class to go to work, and then coming back from dinner with my friends! This was my favorite assignment of the week because it was fun to make. Having to record little videos throughout the day was enjoyable. I recorded each video on my phone then uploaded them onto my computer and edited it all together into iMovie. I also used the song “Sunset Lover” that I mentioned in my previous post.
  2. @natashabmedia

    Join my shoes on a mini adventure!

    Hello there, Hope you’re having a moderately adequate day, if not better? This is the video assignment for DS106. This assignment is called ‘Where Do Your Shoes Take You?‘, this involved creating a video of my shoes and see where I ended up. I thought I would do a video of my shoes around Leicester… Continue reading Join my shoes on a mini adventure!
  3. @LilahKBB

    My Path is the Sound of my Feet on the Ground

    I decided to do this assignment as one of the 10 video assignments. The assignment was to video where my feet went during the day and I decided to do mine in the evening because thats normally when I do more things than just going to classes. I’ve always loved the line from the song …

    Continue reading "My Path is the Sound of my Feet on the Ground"

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