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  1. @LilahKBB

    Video I made for my friends 21st

    A video I made for my friends 21st because she moved to the other side of the country so her friends and family couldn’t be with her to celebrate so I wanted to do something special and this is what I made. I claim no rights to the song cover by Hozier titled Sweet Thing. …

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  2. @LilahKBB

    My Path is the Sound of my Feet on the Ground

    I decided to do this assignment as one of the 10 video assignments. The assignment was to video where my feet went during the day and I decided to do mine in the evening because thats normally when I do more things than just going to classes. I’ve always loved the line from the song …

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  3. @LilahKBB

    Week 9: Fluffy Out

    This week since I wasn’t able to listen in to the radioshows live and comment tweets I listened to this one  and have a couple comments. I really like that they weren’t just all telling their own sections without any feedback I kinda wish our group had made it more interactive with the other members. …

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  4. @LilahKBB

    Wacky Google Translate

    This is the video off of Youtube I used to look for comments in different languages because it is a Korean artist and the video is a little controversial in Korea so I was going to see if I could find a comment about its controversy. This is the Korean I translated 여기가 바로 그 한번보면 …

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  5. @LilahKBB

    WEEK 8: KLLM Radio Show Finished

    Like I mentioned in my last post I was really glad to be able to work together with people and see them face-to-face. Overall the making my section of the podcast was not difficult but the background music and figuring out when to add background sound effects was. I ended up not adding sound effects …

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  6. @LilahKBB

    Background Music KLLM Radio

    I didn’t make a full flowing background sound I just chose a couple from garageband that I thought I could use from certain instances in the song To explain from the beginning of the song I thought the first short section could be used to introduce my character and I can make those sounds loop …

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  7. @LilahKBB

    KLLM Commercial: Are you scared yet?

    I made this commercial for the radio show KLLM which we named because it is each of the people’s first initial in the group. I wanted to make a commercial that could be realistic on an actual radio show and something that is pertaining to events that are going to happen. So I thought it …

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