1. @courthardy2018

    Collage Courtney


    For my final remix assignment of week 12, I decided to make me in collage form. The twist is, I had to make it emo-esque, using monotone colors. This assignment was pretty easy for me, despite converting everything to be monotone, because, during Orientation training, we all make collages …

  2. @courthardy2018

    Cool Letters


    For my first remix assignment, I decided to complete the one on Cool Letters. The original assignment was to use cool letters.net to create your name in cool letters. However, when remixed, I was to create cool letters that included a cancer message. So, to complete my assignment, I …

  3. @courthardy2018

    Boston Mashup


    For my last mashup assignment of Week 12, I decided to complete the Favorite Sports Team Mashup. It was easy for me to come up with an idea for this assignment as Morph Shadow follows the Boston/New England Sports team as she is from Winthrop, Massachusettes, right outside of …

  4. @courthardy2018

    Have a Merry Scary Thanksgiving


    For my second mashup assignment of the week, I decided to complete the Holiday Mashup. To complete it, I was to choose three holidays and put them in a photo together. I decided to choose, Halloween, Christmas, and Thanksgiving. My idea was to find Jack Skellington wearing the Santa …

  5. @courthardy2018

    How Far I’ll Let it Go


    To kick off week 12, I decided to start with a little Disney Mash Up, worth 4 stars. For this assignment, I was simply to put together some Disney songs I thought would blend well together. I love all things Disney, so I was looking forward to this. I …

  6. @courthardy2018

    Create a Logo Tutorial


    Ever wanted to have your own super cool yet simple logo? Well now you can and following this tutorial will make it super easy! To begin, really start to get a feel for what you want your logo to look like and represent. Try looking up logos that go along …

  7. @courthardy2018

    Weekly Summary 11


    Man has the semester flown, I say as I sit down to write my weekly 11 summary. It feels like just yesterday I was coming up with weekly summary 1, still unsure of how I would manage this class.

    This week was the second week of video week in which …

  8. @courthardy2018

    Week 11 Daily Creates


    Here is my daily creates for this week. My favorite one features gingerbread houses as I am beginning to get into the Christmas spirit. And no, it is not too early so don’t tell me it is.


    The Island of Yum: where all your taste buds’ dreams come true …

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