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    Second Week with the Return of the Radio Station


    This week, our main focus was completing our radio show project. Along with that, we only had to complete two daily creates. I was happy and relieved that we didn’t have to complete any other assignments from the assignment bank. This gave me the chance to fully focus on my …

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    Week 8 Radio Progress

    This week my group has been working to finish up our radio show project. We were able to meet up together on Wednesday and discuss our view points as well as the backgrounds of our characters. We decided on the main topic and have been putting together a script that…
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    First Week with the Return of the Radio Station


    This week, my group has been brainstorming ideas for our upcoming radio show. While getting started, we had a late start. With this being midterms week, most of my group, including me, has been preoccupied with studying for other classes. By Thursday, we were all able to communicate with each …

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    Radio Show Progress

    This week, my group has been brainstorming ideas for our upcoming radio show. While getting started, we had a late start. With this being midterms week, most of my group, including me, has been preoccupied with studying for other classes. Wednesday came and we had yet to discuss our radio…
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    Radio Show Poster

    For my radio show design, I decided to create a poster to advertise my group’s upcoming radio show. To design the poster, I used the website canva.com.  The poster displays our Radio Station name, one of the main ideas for our show, and radio image. It’s simple but displays the…
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    My Very Own Theme Song


    For this assignment I downloaded a few sound clips from freesounds.org and put them together to create my theme song. While trying to create my own theme song, I had a challenging time trying to think of creative sounds to put together. I then had the idea to try to…
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    Creative Radio Ad


    For this assignment, we were tasked with the job of using a clip from a movie or TV show that is discussing a product. This product can be food, technology, a restaurant, etc. We need to use this clip and turn it into a radio ad for product placement. When …

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    The Real Characters of DS106 Tagline


    For this assignment, I had to create a tagline expressing who I am. I chose to create one expressing what my character Deidra the Determinator was like. The tagline is kind of long compared to the taglines that they use for the show Real Housewives but I think it’s ok.…

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    This Week with Design


    This week, our focus was on design. I enjoyed working on the assignments this week because it allowed me to be creative in a way that I am familiar with. The assignments weren’t too difficult to create and they weren’t too time consuming as the audio week was.

    This week …

  10. @Tyra13748487

    Design Reflection


    Design is a very interesting concept. It’s all around us. So much so that we even notice it. The late Bill Moggridge once stated that it doesn’t occur to most people that everything is designed — that every building and everything they touch in the world is designed. I find …

  11. @Tyra13748487

    Deidra’s Storytelling Through Pictures

    For this assignment, I chose to tell the story of the time my character, Deidra the Determinator, broke her leg in high school. I chose to use clip art pictures to tell her story.

    It was Deidra’s sophomore year of high school. She had finally made the varsity cheer-leading team…
  12. @Tyra13748487

    Deidra’s Very Own Logo


    Using the website provided, coolletter.net, I was able to create a cool logo for my character Deidra the Determinator. The website allows you to create your own custom logos or you can use one of the ones that they provided and customize that. I chose to customize my own after…
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    My own DS106 Wallpaper


    For this assignment, I created my DS106 wallpaper using the website canva.com. I started off with a blank document and scrolled through the templates that were on the website to get a feel of how I could design my wallpaper and what elements I wanted to use. After browsing through …

  14. @Tyra13748487

    This week with Audio…


    I enjoyed listening to Emily’s conversation with herself as Kate and a chipmunk was pretty cool.

    I like the way she manipulated the sound effects to make herself sound like a chipmunk. I like that her conversation flows smoothly and doesn’t have too many pauses where it would sound like …

  15. @Tyra13748487

    This Week with Audio


    This week was more challenging for me than the previous weeks. I’m more familiar with and comfortable with photography and visuals. Audio is one of my weaker areas. I have no problem recording audio but when it comes to mixing my audios with instrumentals or other sounds, it becomes more …

  16. @Tyra13748487

    Reflection on “Moon Graffiti”

    Moon Graffiti was a great audio piece. The way the audio was put together made me feel as though I was with Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin while they were on their journey. The radio broadcasting is very clear and resembles the sounds that you would hear in movies. If…
  17. @Tyra13748487

    Sounds Around Me


    There are sounds all around us. Have you ever stopped and listened to the noises that you hear on a daily basis? These sounds can range from the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth, the noise you hear when you start your car, or even the noise the door makes …

  18. @Tyra13748487

    Tongue Twister


    Are you good at saying tongue twister? How fast can you say one without stumbling over your words?

    This week I played around with a few tongue twisters to see how fast I could do them.  I think I was pretty successful with it. Not the greatest but pretty good. …

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    Sound Effects Story


    Here’s the audio story of Deidra getting out of school on a Friday. After a long week filled with so much homework and exams, she was excited to leave school after her last class.

    These are some of the sounds that Deidra heard today while leaving school and making her …

  20. @Tyra13748487

    Auditory Hell


    Are there any noises that grind your gears? So much so that you become instantly annoyed as soon as you hear it?

    There are a few noises that annoy the crap out of me.  It’s not a lot but it’s enough to get under my skin from time to time, …

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    Week 4’s Review


    I enjoyed the assignments that we did this week for picture the myth. The assignments for this week included reading about becoming a better photographer and what is involved with telling a story using photography. After reading those articles, I wrote up a reflection about the methods I usually use …

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    Week 3 Review


    This week, we took a look at writing legends. Within that we read a few articles and did a few writing assignments. The articles that we read gave me more insight on what myths were and the different forms of myths. Through the readings, I also learned what it was …

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    My fish and I


    Hey guys! Check out my pet fish. His name is lil mama. I’m aware that’s an interesting name for a fish,  but I didn’t play a role in naming him. Any-who, he’s a pretty cool Betta fish. Inside his bowl is a bunch of pebbles and fake sea grass. He…
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    Meet the Bel-Air Bunch

    I know most of you know who the Brady Bunch is. Well today I want to introduce you to the Bel-Air Bunch!

    This is a picture of my roommates, our landlord, and our pest fish. This is my second family.  We call our house ‘Bel-Air’ and we enjoy living here…

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