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  1. @faith_martino

    Weekly Assignments

    by I am not sure why, but it would not let me embed the website into my blog. I have recently been on a Grey’s Anatomy kick and decided to make the quiz on the characters. Greece. I have been there once and stayed for five months. I was there for work and was not able to explore much. I would love to be able to explore through all the non tourist spots.
  2. @DigitalStoryTeller

    Web Assignments Week 9

      Create Your Dream Vacation On Pinterest!    3 1/2 Stars My dream vacation would be going to beaches around the world. I believe beaches are a very calming and relaxing place to visit. This is a collection of pictures of beaches all around the world. Plenty of different furniture styles for groups gatherings and also …

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  3. @ashedwardz


    by วันหยุดในฝัน- Dream Vacation. I’ve been itching to visit Thailand for quite some time now. This past spring I studied in North Wales and visited 14 different countries across the United Kingdom and Europe over the four months I was abroad. Each was unique and intriguing in it’s own way,[Read more]

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