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    Radio Show Week 2 Progress – complete!


    Our group, Myths, Legends, and Character Conversations came together and finished the job off this week.  We were pretty productive the first week and so this week was all about everyone besides the 2-3 who had already, finishing up their own personal stories and uploading.  Lastly, Maggie did a great …

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    Weekly Summary 7


    Well, I am glad to say, our group has hopped on board and started rolling with our show!  We have gotten quite a bit accomplished already this week.  We listed all assignments needed, split out the tasks amongst the group, and already have completions.  So far we have:

    All 3…
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    A sick beat it IS!


    LOL!  Wow, for some reason, this one was much much harder than I thought.  The assignment was to come up with a ‘sick beat’ of my own.  I used Audacity and literally made one noise with my mouth, tapped on my laptop and made another noise with my lips and …

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    WeEk SiX sUMmaRy!


    This week was pretty cool!  Overall, I the level of effort to understand and figure out exactly what I was doing pretty much remained consistent but i was able to figure it out so that was good for me.  I really loved the article about Kidd and his book – …

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    DS106 LOGO


    This assignment asked to create a new logo for the DS106 class – how exciting!  Once again, I used spark.adobe.com to do so – trying to get used to better understanding some of these sites better by doing different things on them. This wasn’t difficult to use – there was …

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    Confidence is YOU!


    This assignment required me to make a card using an online design program.  I used spark.adobe.com to create this card and used my character, Gallapher.  The main purpose of Gallapher is to come through the night to restore self-esteem and self-worth to children and then gallop off into the night …

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    Fire Eagle!


    This is the superhero character I created using https://www.dckids.com/dc-super-friends/htmlgame/name/super-hero-me.  Needless to say, it was the first time I’d ever done anything of that nature and although that site was pretty basic, it was fun and my kids were so startled to see Mommy creating a Super Hero character!  The inspiration …

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    Wow; what a perspective!


    After reading the articles A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design, 100 Ideas That Changed Graphic Design, and Leo Tolstoy on Emotional Infectiousness and What Separates Good Art from the Bad, I have gotten a clearer sense of the perspective of those who understand Graphic Design and just Art as a …

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    Radio Show Idea!


    Just a thought on an idea for a radio show – how about a discussion on some of the myths and fairytales we were told as a child?…

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    Week 5 summary !


    As with prior weeks, I definitely came out of this week having stepped outside my comfort zone and I find myself paying SO much more attention to sound now!  I was looking at TV for a brief second last night and my husband pointed out something and I was like …

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    Weeks 3 & 4 Summary


    Overall, weeks 3 and what I completed for week 4 definitely took me to another level of knowledge, specific to photography and understanding good storytelling.  Beginning with viewing the video Beast of Bray Rd, I was left thinking that I need to be more careful when I’m anywhere near the …

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    Can’t go WITHOUT them!


    I have 3  essentials that get me through the day in my purse and if I don’t have either, I feel totally OFF:

    1 –

    I HAVE to have gum!  Don’t know why, but I am known to everyone for always having gum.

    2 –

    Have to have my NYX …

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    Below are some examples of:

    Depth – I think the 1st and 3rd shots capture this most if I’m understanding correctly.  The lighting from the sky to me, creates more depth in the first photo.  In the 3rd, the pillars and high ceilings also capture this. Contrast – I think…
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    Dream it, write it


    I keep having a recurring dream about back home where I grew up at.  I’m almost never in the dream, but yet I see it.  There was this one store from where I grew up and this particular corner store continues to show in the dream.  It does not look …

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    Dear Mom,


    I just wanted to take the time to let you know how much I appreciate you.  Ever since I can remember, you were there always looking out for my best interest.  I understood it less as a child and more so now, but nevertheless, I want to …

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    Which Emotion?


    The emotion that I choosing to identify 3 songs with is happy.

    Song 1 – Happy by Phareal – it’s pretty self explanatory why that song reminds me of the emotion happy!

    Song 2- It’s a Beautiful Day by Jamie Grace – that song reminds me of being happy and …

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    She’s a strong, courageous horse who comes out of the night, to help young kids by taking them on a horseback ride in the middle of the night on a courageous adventure!  She only visits the children who have issues with self-esteem, confidence, and self-love.  Over the decades, countless children …

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    The Beast of Bray Road – Lost Tapes


    Based on the readings, this seems to fall within the myth arena.  The myth here regarding the beast seems to be a sacred tales by the residents in that Wisconsin area and still seem relevant today, according to the story.  In terms of the storytelling, overall, I think it was …

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