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  1. @effyuwawa


    This has to be one of the most difficult yet rewarding videos I’ve edited this semester. I asked my siblings to send me a video for our mom for Mother’s Day and I got 2. Lol. But my friends came through and helped me out. I feel that this video is a reflection of how […]
  2. @effyuwawa

    Final Project

    It took a long time for me to finally settle on an idea. I was even planning on joining the group that I was with for the audio project, but we couldn’t settle on an idea that would work well as a group. So, I decided to just branch off and do my own thing. […]
  3. @effyuwawa

    Week 12

    This week I enjoyed reminiscing. For my first Mashup, I did a lip singing video to Adele’s Someone like you. That song has always been very close to my heart, so it meant a lot to put it into an assignment. One thing I wished I could have changed would be to only have the […]
  4. @effyuwawa

    DAiLY creaTes!

    @ds106dc #tdc3382CowsEating grass black and whiteSpots all over themMilk— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 16, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3381 Hell’s Kitchen. The ultimate pasta sport.— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 15, 2021 ...
  5. @effyuwawa

    Project Ideas2

    I looked through a few people’s project ideas. There are 2 that really stood out to me. I really like Hena’s ideas for a Q&A and create a video with a green screen. I think anyone could relate to Q&A questions and we could really get creative with a green screen. I also liked Matthew’s […]
  6. @effyuwawa

    11 weeks down

    This week showed how easily frustrated I get with video editing. When editing my NightTime Yoga video, my editing software and youtube was giving me the worst time. It took me over 3 hours to complete everything. I will just take it as a lesson learned so that I do better next time. I did […]
  7. @effyuwawa

    Daily creates!

    @ds106dc #tdc3374 subtle mirror photo— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 9, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc3373 telescopic view vs the real thing— Che. ; (@EffyuWawa) April 9, 2021 @ds106dc #tdc...
  8. @effyuwawa


    I’m not much of a video person but I had fun creating mine this week. Unfortunately I didn’t team up with anyone to create a big assignment, so I opted for the Assignment Bank. The first one I created was my point of view going to the grocery store. I highlighted all of the ingredients […]
  9. @effyuwawa


    I really enjoyed the creating a story this week with my Daily Creates. When I first seen the assignment this past weekend, I immediately plotted on a story. I decided to create a story about a lemur that discovered a new country. I also really enjoyed the radio shows. I decided to listed to 3 […]
  10. @effyuwawa

    Radio Review

    I really enjoyed listening to the other radio shows. I tuned in on the 3rd day, so I listened to my groups project, A day in a Pandemic, Walking Memory Ave, and Messy March. I really enjoyed relistening to our radio show. I realized have to work on my tone. I sounded pretty monotoned throughout […]
  11. @effyuwawa

    PROJECT ideas

    I really wanted to come up with project ideas for reasons that I look up videos or search Pinterest. I think we all have random questions or topics that we wish we knew more about. I aimed to find topics that I felt was relatable and easy to discuss or create videos for. I’ll continue […]
  12. @effyuwawa

    Spring has ARRIVED?

    For this daily create, we had to write a poem that speaks about how the weather/environment changes when spring or fall come around. I decided on spring, since we have finally hopped into the season. I really love writing poetry, but as of lately, I’ve been leaning more towards haikus. They’re short, simple, and, due […]
  13. @effyuwawa

    Sir Santos the Lemur

    For this daily create, you had to incorporate a lemur into something school related. Since our assignment this week is to create a story with our daily creates, I wanted to use this daily create to build onto a story of exploration. Hence, this is where Sir Santos was created. I looked up common Portuguese […]
  14. @effyuwawa

    Flag mashup!

    For this daily create, you had to create a mashup of two flags. I chose Spain and Brazil. Initially, I tried to gain some inspiration from the other posts, but I ended up going through the ones on the emoji keyboard. I was going to use the USSR flag but I felt these two would […]
  15. @effyuwawa

    QUARNteam Radio

    This was a very interesting experience. I have always been interested in recording a podcast or radio show of some sort, but I never took the opportunity to go through with it. Our group planned to use the recording equipment at the HCC. After repeated attempts to reserve the room, we found out that only […]
  16. @effyuwawa

    Radio Show Prep

    I think I knew instantly what I wanted to do for the radio show. It was just a matter of getting others on board. Over the weekend I was a little discouraged because no one really was signing up. I was even up to changing the topic. I’m glad that we finally got some people […]
  17. @effyuwawa

    A day in a Pandemic

    When creating this, I had to think back to what I really imagined a pandemic would be. Covid-19 definitely was not what I imagined. If anything, my mind went straight to a zombie apocalypse. That’s where I got the idea for the font and the conversation icons. I looked online for a decent quote that […]

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