1. @ashedwardz

    Week 12 Summary


    This week was filled with a lot of fun assignments. The Daily Creates were fairly quick and easy. I loved incorporating my favorite book into one of them, as well as my Bitmoji. I would not be surprised if a Bitmoji game were actually released soon.

    Daily Creates (29-30)

    I …

  2. @ashedwardz

    Remix #1


    Places I like to get wild with my friends:

    Wilderness Run Vineyards

    Karaoke night at Bourbon Room

    UMW Homecoming


  3. @ashedwardz

    Photo Mash


    In this assignment, we were required to incorporate two actors into an image. I chose to include several musicians as well. This picture features the two main characters from Back to the Future, Kanye West, Future the rapper, Phil of the Future and Tyler the Creator.…

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