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  1. @ashedwardz

    Daily Creates (13-15)

    childhood fears: the dreaded blood test #ds106 #tdc2093 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) October 2, 2017 🙂 #ds106 #tdc2094 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) October 3, 2017 Hurrican Voldemort #ds106 #tdc2095 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) October 5, 2017
  2. @ashedwardz

    Radio Show Brainstorm

    Idea dump: Superhero Series Comparison: Discuss the evolution of a certain superhero series (movies, tv shows, etc). Possible topics- differences in actors, directors, cinematography, script, costume changes etc. (Definitely most interested in this idea) Local “superheroes”: Talk about real life stories of people in the Fredericksburg/UMW community of people doing[Read more]
  3. @ashedwardz

    Daily Creates (10-12)

    lizards & losing teeth #biggestfears #tdc2085 #ds106 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) September 25, 2017 worlds tallest water bottle #tdc2086 #ds106 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) September 25, 2017 the simple joy of no longer having to eat spaghetti with your hands #forksup #firsttimeforeverything #ds106 #tdc2087 — Ashley Edwards[Read more]
  4. @ashedwardz

    Daily Creates (7-9)

    Paperback Paradise. Social Media: Controlling Our Minds? #ds106 #socialmedia #paperback — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) September 18, 2017 Shadows cast all throughout the Botanical Garden in the heart of Oslo, Norway #ds106 #tdc2080 — Ashley Edwards (@ashedwardz) September 19, 2017 1 Take Tongue Twister: Avatar version #ds106 #tdc2081[Read more]

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