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    Week 4 Summary


    This week was awesome. I love photography and all things visual so I really enjoyed it. From 20 minute photo hunts to spending lots of time trying to make Spiderman do an every day task this week was really beneficial and I learned a lot.

    20 Minute Photoblitz

    This post …

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    20 Minute Photoblitz

    Make a photo that represents the passage of time. The edge of a knife, the waters edge, or some other edge. Make a photo containing stone, water and clouds. Make a monochrome photo (monochrome doesn’t have to mean black and white) Someone else’s hand (or paw) Make a photo of…
  3. @courtkneelane

    Safety Stan in Collage Form


    For this assignment, I decided to do a collage of Safety Stan instead of myself. Mainly because we had to incorporate our created character into one of our assignments this week, but also I thought it would be fun to do.

    So, I made a small collage of Safety Stan …

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    The Crazy Bunch


    I decided to do this assignment, worth 4 stars, because I really love my friends and enjoy showcasing that in whatever way I can.

    This collage displays a couple of my awesome friends during a scavenger hunt we did in the mall at the beginning of the summer. We met …

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    Analysis of Superhero Movie Stills


    In this photo, the foreground includes the Guardians of the Galaxy. The perspective comes from someone who is standing directly in front of Pom and looking at what is taking place. The selection of this photo comes the the producers of this movie deciding that movie watchers needed to see …

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    Spiderman Does the Laundry


    Spiderman is my favorite super hero, so when I saw that I was able to make a photo through Photoshop of Spiderman doing a “mundane” task like taking out the trash, doing dishes, or washing laundry, I got really excited. I think it’s funny to make a super hero who …

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    Photography Past, Present, and Personal


    From my first digital camera, a pink rhinestone camcorder to my current Canon Rebel T5-I, I’ve loved photography for the past 12 years or so. I have never been great at taking photos, but I’d like to think I’m okay. I have broken my fair share of cameras and definitely …

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    Super Writing Week 3


    This week I waited until the last minute to do everything, but we got even more into the theme of Super Heroes and I really enjoyed learning more. I’m not huge on watching super hero movies, so I was surprised when I enjoyed the Jessica Jones episode that I watched.…

  9. @courtkneelane

    Jessica Jones VS. Vonnegut Model


    Jessica Jones is a show that’s like a rollercoaster and doesn’t really follow the Vonnegut model

    She comes into this private investigator world and because of where she came from, Marvel, she’s seen as at a lower spot than she was as a Marvel character. However, she still has …

  10. @courtkneelane

    Jessica Jones is Another Awesome Super Human


    I’ve never been a huge watcher of super hero movies or shows, but I watched the 1st episode of the Netflix original series Jessica Jones and thought it was awesome. It’s probably a show that I’ll keep watching. 

    Jessica was a super hero and this show is an extension of …

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