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  1. @CommTweetWithMe

    Coming soon…

    Your identity has been compromised… You’ve been framed for a crime you didn’t commit… And the same person who framed you has hatched a plan to destroy the world. You’ve never undergone on a mission like this… It’s up to you to clear your name and save the world! Coming this Friday to a computer […]
  2. @CommTweetWithMe

    The Final (Mission) Countdown

    Over the course of the semester, we have explored writing, photography, audio, video and design. We’ve remixed and mahed up, worked solo and in a group, and completed big projects and small. But now, as the semester winds down, it’s time to bring it all together for one final mission. This week has been preety […]
  3. @CommTweetWithMe

    Mission Mashup

    This week has been all about mashups and remixes. Part of this week’s assignments was dedicated to generating some remixes/mashups of our final mission ide with ideas from our classmates. As a recap, my idea for our final mission was to explore one area of digital storytelling that we haven’t so far and that is […]
  4. @CommTweetWithMe


    Week two of video has begun and so far, a lot of this week has just been spent building off of last week, particularly finalizing the final details and filming “Girl Power” the TV show! Last week and over the weekend, my group members and I finalized all of the planning for our video. Over […]
  5. @CommTweetWithMe

    Girl Power Comes On Screen

    Organize into your group as quickly as possible and decide on your approach to your video episode. You may use the Video assignments in the Assignment Bank as inspiration for your show, but you don’t have to. In addition to planning this week (deciding on format, choosing a story to tell, writing a script, planning […]
  6. @CommTweetWithMe

    The ‘Spy’ Who Interviewed Me

    I decided to take some of my classmates warnings seriously and get a jump start on completing the interview assignment for this week. As a soon-to-be college graduate in May, interviews are something that I have grown very accustomed to over the last couple of months. So when I saw that this assignment required me […]
  7. @CommTweetWithMe

    Reading Batman

    This week is all about moving away from audio and towards video, specifically towards how everything we have explored over the last couple of weeks comes together to make a scene. With that being said, the first assignment we were to complete this week was meant to really get me thinking about all of the […]
  8. @CommTweetWithMe

    Ending the week on the web

    Week 9 was all about the web. Over the past couple of weeks, we have explored and presented elements of storytelling on the web, however this week we tackled storytelling using the web. The first part of this week was spent listening to our classmate’s radio shows and participate in a live tweet along. I […]
  9. @CommTweetWithMe

    The Boy who Helped open the case

    Two hours have passed and Justin still has no leads as to what this paper and its squared off words mean. Is it a clue? Is it a password of some sort? Is there a connection to something? Or his worst fear… is it nothing? Frustrated, he stands up and heads to Hannah’s room. She […]
  10. @CommTweetWithMe

    Case open: poem password

    Justin sat down to work, if he was going to move forward on figuring to the case of who was responsible for his wife’s murder, he needed to get down to business. “Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.” If you asked Justin a year ago, he would have told you how much he loved […]
  11. @CommTweetWithMe

    For the Love of family

    Justin leaves the bathroom, and despite all of the positive affirmations, he is as unhappy as always. He knows the only thing that will make him happy: his family. Justin’s wife ad daughter were his entire heart. They shaped who is his today and gave his heart a reason for beating. But since they’ve been […]
  12. @CommTweetWithMe

    Happiness Haiku

    “We are what we choose, So always choose happiness, and you will be fine.” Justin stared at this motivational poster hanging on his bathroom mirror, like he does every morning. His wife put it up three years ago almost to the day. She said she read online somewhere how positive affirmations are good for the […]
  13. @CommTweetWithMe

    If Secret Agents Had Twitter

    Wednesday night, I participated in a live tweet-along with some of my classmates while listening to “Super Secret Opinions” on ds106 radio. This was my second time participating in a tweet-along while listening to ds106 radio, and similar to the first time I really enjoyed the chance to communicate with my classmates on Twitter in […]
  14. @CommTweetWithMe

    Re-work that back

    One of this week’s assignments tasked us with significantly revising, improving on, or remixing an old assignment we have done. Looking back at all the assignments and posts I have made over the course of the semester so far, I am overall very proud of myself and the work that I have created. However, with […]

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