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  1. @ldeitrick

    Day in the life and Poetry

    Day in the life This was by far the most enjoyable project this week since I got to document my life experiences. I downloaded Adobe Premiere Clip, which is an awesome video editing application for your phone. This made compiling my videos and adding a soundtrack really easy and convenient. I highly recommend the free …
  2. @ldeitrick

    Video Essay

    Of course this assignment made me nervous. Would I have enough time to learn the logistics of creating a voice-over video? Would I pick a scene that had enough depth and character to analyze? Would the final product be something I could be proud of or something that would just be “good enough?” I started …
  3. @ldeitrick

    Star appeal

    Using x-ray goggles was actually a lot of fun. My storytelling within challenge was a little ambitious. I chose to create a resume on IMDB site. I did not alter any of the linked pages. The most difficult part was removing information from the page. I also learned how to inspect other websites for embedded …
  4. @ldeitrick


    I’ve been pleasantly surprise how easy the collaboration between most members of the group has been solely through online communication. I live and work in Arlington, so meeting in person wasn’t an option for me. And while online communication made my life easier, it also made me nervous about putting together a radio show. I …
  5. @ldeitrick

    Fast Forward or Rewind?

    Design can be used to tell stories a variety of ways, including illustrating inner thoughts, change in mood, action, and even time alteration. In Strip Panel Naked: Negative Space in ‘Jessica Jones’  and Strip Panel Naked: ‘Unstoppable Wasp’ And Dealing With Complicated Layouts , Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou explores the use of design elements to signify the characters …
  6. @ldeitrick

    Weekly Summary #5

    I have zero experience editing audio. Zero. The closest I’ve ever come to being a sound producer was burning CDs on my desktop with Napster was still a thing. Needless to say, this week’s audio assignments were a challenge for me. The process was slow, sometimes painful, and on a steep learning curve. The greatest …
  7. @ldeitrick

    Bumper……. radio?

    Technical stuff I used Freesound to download “Batman punches” and a surreal galaxy These are nods to both the DS106 superhero theme and my blog’s personal title theme. I voice recorded the intro using the SoundCloud app on my Samsung Galaxy phone. I find the sound quality from my phone’s microphone is light years ahead …
  8. @ldeitrick

    Silence is the loudest sound.

    “Moon Graffiti” grabs you right from the moment you start listening. The producers achieve this primarily using two distinct styles when introducing the story. NPR’s “How Audio Stories Begin” describe these techniques as diving immediately into the narrative and introducing a mystery. We are confronted with alarms signaling a sense of danger and urgency, as …
  9. @ldeitrick


    Valerie was found in the Russian Mountains of Siberia as a young child. At the time, Valery Kryachko, a Russian mineralogist was panning for platinum when were saw her. Unable to communicate with the toddler or locate any signs of parents or a home, Kryachko took the girl and the few rocks he had collected …
  10. @ldeitrick

    Our superheroes, ourselves?

    I started the week early and moved my way through the reading assignment, How Ancient Legends Gave Birth to Modern Superheroes . What captivated me most about this interview was Nevin’s response to whether a proto-superhero could successfully be created in the modern superhero age. For the most part, Nevin believes it would be very difficult, …
  11. @ldeitrick

    Weekly Summary #1

    This first week, I learned that I really had nothing to fear. This is a common theme in the comic book of my life. I procrastinate. I avoid. I make excuses. When inevitably, whanever I finally face the terrible foe, I find it much smaller than the monster I had created in my head.  Given …
  12. @ldeitrick

    Super Me!

    So, it may have taken me a while to realize I was a super hero; and I may still be discovery my powers, but knowing I am unstoppable has been worth the wait! I have a keen sense for picking empty rows on cross country flights. And the wing-span of an Icelandic floss (waterfall) whenever …

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